How to Use Technology When Applying to College

When you’re planning for college, using technology to stay on top of maintaining your records is an effective method. We live in a digital world, and there are many online resources to help you plan for college. Computers, cloud storage, and smartphones will all help you save time and energy when you’re submitting applications.

Technology and Financial Aid

When you’re applying to school, scholarships, or loans, it can be challenging since each one has a different deadline and requirements. It can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to miss an important detail. Make a spreadsheet so you can keep track of the attachments, deadlines, and requirements. That’ll allow you to submit only applications that you’ve already completed so you can stay organized. Paying for school can be challenging, but the good news is that you can take out private student loans without a cosigner. That will help you cover any expenses that federal loans and scholarships won’t cover. If you’re applying for loans, make another folder for information related to them. The folders of financial information are some of the most important, so you might want to store them in multiple locations. 

Save Digital Copies of Everything

Create a folder on your computer or your online drive for finished applications. If you have a lot, you might need to make subfolders to organize your applications based on their focus or topic. Make a separate folder for essays. That way, when you start a new application, you can look through your finished essays to see if there’s something you can tweak for the new one. If you’re using an online drive, you can often share documents or folders without having to print them. You can invite others to comment, view, or edit the item, allowing your family or teachers to efficiently edit them. Whether these copies are online or on your computer, create backups so you won’t lose your information if one of the storage areas fails.

Set Up a Website

Having a link to your personal website on a scholarship or college application might give you a leg up and help you stand out. It doesn’t take much time or money to create a professional website, and it lets you showcase your personality while helping your involvement and character stand out. Think of it as an online resume, so make it appropriate. You can add links, research papers, images, works, and other items that highlight your accomplishments. But remember to be selective and only put up your best work. Many who are attempting to attend an online coding school view this as a way to show that they are a good fit, and have already started to educate themselves. A college admissions board won’t be spending hours combing through everything, so make the content work their time. Ask a friend or family member to take a professional-looking headshot so the application board can put a face to your name. A website isn’t the only thing that will help you look professional. You also need to have an appropriate email address. You can skip this step if you already have your first and last name in your email. But if it’s something like, consider setting up a new account.