Author: Jason Prowse

Challenging Cybersecurity: Tony UV, CEO & Founder of VerSprite, Pioneers Risk-Based Threat Modeling to Stay Ahead of Threats

 In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity has become increasingly crucial. An accomplished expert in this field, Tony UcedaVelez stands out as a pioneer in a risk-centric approach to cybersecurity. Having challenged the status quo of the defensive strategies, Tony developed an entire methodology to highlight the importance of the offensive “hacker mindset” approach to safeguarding the ….  Read More

Deciphering the Digital Encyclopedia: How Wikipedia Differs from Wikidata

In the age of the internet, many of us turn to online platforms to quench our thirst for knowledge. Two prominent resources are Wikipedia and Wikidata. Though the names sound similar and both are projects by the Wikimedia Foundation, they serve different purposes and are structured differently. For those wondering how they differ, you’re in ….  Read More

Navigating the Mobile Surge:  The Dawn of a New DevOps Era

As the digital realm continues its relentless expansion, Mobile DevOps Engineering has become a beacon of progress, marking a new phase of industry evolution.  The position of ‘DevOps Engineer’ topped the charts as the most sought-after job title in 2021, reflecting the burgeoning demand in the field.  Alongside this rise, the DevOps market, previously valued ….  Read More

Spatial Computing: The Game-Changer for Our Everyday Lives

As we step into the future, Spatial Computing is leading the charge, redefining how we perceive our world. Experts project a surge in the AR/VR B2C industry from $31.12 billion in 2023 to $52.05 billion by 2027. Noteworthy names like Lumus are behind this transformative technology that spans from reality to Virtual Reality (VR), via ….  Read More

Ensure Training Success with ROI Calculators

Many companies use learning and development programs (L&D) to train employees and ensure company goals are met.  However, the majority of these programs are ineffective and costly; in fact, companies spend up to 71 hours of training per employee, which equates to a sunk cost of $1,065 per employee based on a salary of $15/hour.  ….  Read More

Intelligent Document Processing and The Power of AI

Advanced document understanding is just a small piece of the larger world that we now know as the world of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability of a computer or machine to learn from previous experiences. Today, there are several different AI models in many different forms, from content algorithms on social ….  Read More

Is AI Ready to Shape the Future?

For most people, ChatGPT-3 was an introduction to AI learning models. However, the entire ecosystem has erupted recently due to the evolution of technology behind it. While AI still has a long way to go from being even close to perfect, it’s already seen widespread interest. AI research doubled since 2010 and venture capitalists are ….  Read More

The Story Behind the World’s Data Breaches

Data breaches are a significant problem, resulting in lost knowledge and personal data.  In fact, in the span of ten months in 2022, 15+ million global data records have been lost, stolen, or leaked.   The United States sees the largest number of data loss, with 6.2 billion records lost or stolen between 2013 and 2022.  ….  Read More

The Danger of Modern Cyber Attacks

Ever since the internet was created there have been people attempting to abuse it. It’s been a constant battle of back and forth between defenders and attackers since. Malware will advance, new attacks will be found, but antiviruses will evolve and encryption becomes more powerful. For a while this process was relatively stable, likely favoring ….  Read More