Warehouse Automation – Making Things More Efficient

In today’s climate, manufacturers and distributors are compelled into getting products out to clients on time. In most cases, this leads to staging orders that sometimes has a negative effect on the supply chain. Installing a state-of-the-art automated supply system is a great way to make your business more effective and efficient. If you want to be on time of your game, a warehouse management system is a must.

Personalised Order Picking – Order streaming can deal with all kinds of products from small to mixed, ensuring everything gets out on time and nothing gets lost or misplaced along the way. For a company to run effectively, it must take steps to manage its in-house logistics.

That is why many leading companies have implemented quality warehouse automation in Thailand. These systems have made warehouses personalised and capable of handling all kinds of inventory, no matter how small the unit. Major franchises and small online stores now only need to keep essential stock as their supplier can handle the rest.

Fewer Operatives – In today’s warehouses, it is true that fewer operative are needed on the floor. Although it can be tempting to replace as many workers as possible, you can still integrate an automated system alongside your employees. In places where you need skilled workers on the floor, you can install something like a semi-automated picking system to work together with your staff. Operatives tend to pick a lot quicker if they are assisted by an automated unit. They give you the perfect match between human and machine.

Unique Warehouse Configuration – One of the best things about having an automated warehouse is that it can now almost think for itself. Instead of having a fixed path, automated systems can use free flowing pathways. Some batch picking systems can become too complex for fixed paths, but new algorithms can be used to allow the system to use free pathways. To ensure the system stays collision free, algorithms are made to allow everything to be assessed, finding the most suitable route for each product.

Variety of Storage Systems

When you automate your warehouse, you can programme the system to implement a variety of storage systems. To ensure you optimise your material handling, your storage management system will have to be evaluated to ensure success. The better space utilisation you have, the easier it becomes to improve productivity.

Increased Picking Speeds

Automated systems will vastly improve your factories picking speeds. When an automated storage system is in place, retrieval will be more efficient. All of this has a knock-on effect and helps to make the entire system run faster. Order pickers can do their job without physically moving through the warehouse.

There are many good reasons to automate your warehouse. It is not a case of getting rid of good workers but making things easier and more accurate for them. An automated warehouse is an intricate system of parts and components, all of which must move in tangent to ensure you get the best results. A number of strategies or simulations can be used to find the best solution.