Work Smarter, Not Harder

A common misconception in life is that everything good, great, or noteworthy, must be hard. If there’s a large boulder that needs to be moved, it absolutely must take an incredible amount of strength to do so. If there’s a roadblock in our way, the only two options are to either travel our way around it, or wait patiently until it dissipates, if we come across an incredibly high wall, the climb will be terrible.

What we often forget is the concept of leverage. If that boulder needs to be moved, it will be much easier with a tool that provides leverage. A 100 pound man could very easily move a 1000 pound rock if he was provided the correct amount of leverage. If we take this concept and apply it to our daily lives, it’s easy to see that the everyday struggles that we endure, could be made lighter if we provide some sort of leverage. Take secondary education for example.

The stereotype behind college or universities is that they’re incredibly expensive, time consuming, impersonalized, and then you come out with a degree in a field that has been completely saturated by those who came before you. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Leverage can be found in multiple sources. is the first example of leverage provided to students seeking to move their “boulder.” They provide multiple specialized bachelors and masters degrees as well as online professors, courses, and student counselors. The best part is that because the entire university is found online, regardless of the course or degree wished to be pursued, everything can be done in the convenience of your own home!

As we find sources of leverage such as in our lives, it will become easier to work smarter and not harder to attain what we desire in life.