Multi Device Charging And Corporate Productivity: A Tight Connection

We typically think of productivity as having to do with checking off “to dos” on our checklist, or finishing a project or steps to completing it.  It is, however, something that organizations focus on consistently.  It enables success and so much more.

An efficient workday also enables productivity.  When employees have devices that are uncharged, or take too long to charge, it can slow down the entire ship.  Study upon study has been done on productivity and, in every study, it is linked to device effectiveness .  When devices go down, are uncharged, or cords are broken or forgotten, it equates to one hour or more per employee per day of reduced productivity – which, in turn, has a very definite bottom-line impact.  Simply put, device issues cost companies far more than just devices and the number one device issue is the need for charging.

IDC recently reported that it is currently seeing “double digit” growth in device count per employee this year.  If that seems small, consider this: one additional device per employee in an enterprise equates to 100 new devices per 100 employees.  So, if your company has 1,000 employees it will have 1,000 new devices this year plus the pre-existing devices being utilized.  That’s 1,000 more charging cords, cables and other accessories needed to keep these devices functioning optimally.  It’s not environmentally-friendly, to say the least.

What’s the real impact of this staggering increase in cords and devices?  It’s simple…additional cords, additional time, additional support, and of course, additional device-related downtime.  Ironically, it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can have your additional devices and have them working too – and in the process, you can be truly wireless.  Yes, that’s right.  Truly wireless.

Enterprises need to get to know DeepCharge.  This Boston-based startup was started by two Professors from Northeastern University whose focus has been in the charging space for quite some time.  When they realized that going truly “cord free” was nearly impossible, they decided to solve the problem.  And solve it, they did.

As an award-winning innovative company DeepCharge has won grants, awards, accolades, and more.  The company’s founders are committed to helping the enterprise increase their productivity through innovative, truly wireless solutions.  Their products have already been deployed in multiple enterprise environments and it’s improving everything from productivity to device longevity to employee happiness and more.  Their solution even reduces the enterprise carbon footprint as well.

If you think this sounds like a lot of bang for one product line, you’re right.  However, DeepCharge CEO and Co-Founder Yousof Naderi understands that, “the DeepCharge story is about the courage to change and simplify our lives.  DeepCharge products enable a world where ordinary surfaces transform into charging surfaces.”  It’s this transformation that can change the trajectory of devices, enterprise IT, and employee satisfaction at the same time.  In other words, it’s a true game changer.

Today, DeepCharge’s technology is cord-free, device agnostic, and can be upgraded through software not hardware or cords.  It doesn’t have new charging protocols which require new cords and instead, will work with almost any device you choose.  Change your device, DeepCharge still works.  The technology was fundamentally designed to fill in the gaps device makers create.  By utilizing surface-based charging protocols, which are multi-device enabled, enterprises will utilize a charging best practice never seen before.  No lanterns, cords, or other machinations required.

The company has patented the first networked charging tiles that don’t need coil alignment or technology-specific charging.  Regardless of the device maker or type, it will charge your device.  Even a desktop or monitor!  Simply put, DeepCharge frees you from your cord-induced prison.

The technology works via patented “energy tiles” which turn any surface into an intelligent charging surface that can charge multiple devices at once.  It’s environmentally-friendly, reduces the corporate carbon footprint, cost-effective, and easy-to-use.  It also reduces bottom-line costs in multiple areas while enhancing employee productivity and happiness at the same time.  It’s a new world order for the enterprise which truly works.