Why Your Company Needs Dark Web Scans During the Pandemic

Bearded cyberterrorist wearing a hoodie writing a dangerous virus. Hacker using computer with multiple screens.

Dark web scanning can be a valuable service for helping to protect your business. But just what is dark web scanning, and how can your business benefit from it? This guide can help.

What Is the Dark Web?

Billions of websites are accessible via search engines such as Google, but did you know that 99% of content on the web is not on these search engines? This hidden content is known as the “deep web.”

Much of the deep web includes private accounts on trusted websites and other personal files on trusted platforms, but there’s a shady side to the deep web known as the “dark web.” It is here that illegal content is hosted. Such content can only be accessed using a specialist browser.

What Dangers Do Businesses Face from the Dark Web?

A common illegal activity on the dark web is the trading of private data. This includes everything from passwords to bank details. Hackers can often access this data without businesses knowing. This data is then put up for sale on dark web sites.

The private data of millions of internet users is currently being sold on the dark web. This could include data belonging to your business. Unless someone is willing to scan the dark web for info related to your business, you will never know if your private data has been compromised or not.

How Can You Protect Your Company?

Dark web scanning will tell you if your private data is being sold without you knowing, as well as the type of data that is being traded.

This could allow you to take security measures in order to protect you, your employees, and your clients from theft and fraud. For instance, if your log-in details have been compromised, you and any associated parties can change their passwords.

A qualified IT company can perform dark web scanning for you. IT professionals are able to access the dark web safely and will know exactly where to look to identify whether your private data is up for sale. They can then notify you and propose next steps for security. 

What Does Dark Web Scanning Include?

Dark web scanning services may vary from company to company. Usually a cybersecurity expert will use a combination of human expertise and AI to scan all areas of the dark web including private networks, blogs, and chat rooms.

On top of scanning the dark web for you, the IT company that you are using should then be able to put in place any necessary security measures to help protect your business from threats. This could include strengthening log-in procedures by introducing multi-factor authentication or recommending other ways of keeping credentials safe from future breaches.  

What Are the Benefits of Dark Web Scanning?

Keeping your data off the dark web is critical to ensuring the safety of you and your clients’ personal data. Some of the major benefits of dark web scanning is that it can:

Protect Your Business from Financial Loss

Private data that has been stolen could include account details, enabling thieves to steal money from you. In other cases, thieves may steal money from employees and clients—you could then be expected to pay them compensation. 

Customers that have had money extorted from them may take legal action, which could also add to the costs. By carrying out dark web scanning, you can determine whether such data is under threat and take action to protect yourself.

Protect Your Business from Reputational Damage

If your private data has been stolen, it is your duty to then inform your employees and customers. This could have long-term damage on your reputation if this information goes out to the public—media stories could be published that create a negative association with your brand, which in turn could prevent you from attracting future customers and applicants. 

Dark web scanning allows you to determine whether this data has been stolen and put in security measures that will put clients and employees at ease, protecting your reputation.

Provide Peace of Mind

Dark web scanning could be useful simply for providing peace of mind. It’s possible that your private data may be safe, but without looking on the dark web you may never know. Dark web scanning can put any concerns you may have to rest.

All in all, dark web scanning can be hugely beneficial for protecting you, your employees, your stakeholders, and your clients. It’s an extra security measure that can give you the upper hand against cybercriminals and will provide you with the peace of mind that your business is safe.