Best Budgeting Apps in 2022

You need a budget. Just accept it as a fact and work it out to eliminate your financial problems today and in the future. Below’s an ultimate list of the best apps for finances that you can download on your iOS or Android device. Read on! 

Best Budgeting Apps For iPhone

Here are the 5 best budgeting apps iOS App Store has to offer.

1. Mint

Mint is amongst top apps for budgeting on iOS devices because Apple users praise it for its educational and practical value. Using this app, you can not only track plain figures but also set financial goals and receive personalized tips on how to achieve them. As a result of automated guidance, you will quickly develop positive financial habits (if you apply a little effort, of course). The last but not least part is that you can start using all these benefits for free. 

2. Wallet 

The Wallet app is actually quite similar to Mint, but it features a different approach to the user interface, so it’s worth comparing the two before making the final choice. Using the app, you can manage multiple accounts, receive valuable advice, learn new budgeting habits, and even share accounts with other users.

3. Money Manager Expense & Budget

MMEB is the best Apple app for budgeting when it comes to dividing accounts by different purposes. Using Money Manager, you can track both personal and business types of accounts. A huge benefit is that you can export all your records into a perfectly structured Excel file that can be later added right into your business accounting software. Besides, the app can work with credit card accounts and can help you eliminate debt faster and keep your credit score in good shape. 

4. Good Budget

GB provides a high-quality cloud-based financial management system that lets you keep an eye on your activities and be 100% sure that everything is backed up safely on your personal protected cloud. You can access this easy-to-use service from any device and share your records with family members with a couple of taps. 


This app lets you track all kinds of accounts and quickly check out how much money is left for each of your recurring monthly expenses. As for the savings accounts, YNAB can automatically limit the amounts that you need to save up by accounting while creating diagrams of permitted expenses. 

So what is the best budget app for iPhone? What is your opinion?

Best Finance Apps For Android

Below, you will find top budget apps selected by the Asolytics experts. 

1. AndroMoney

AM is the best rated budget app for those who prefer managing their wealth on the go. It lets you manage your finance by dividing expenses and income into categories and receiving automatic real-time reports. The app can be easily connected to multiple accounts so that you can keep an eye on all your own and family’s accounts. 

2. Monefy

This one’s a great budgeting app for users who are looking for a tool that works like a simple remote from their entire financial life. Just tap plus or minus to add a profit or expense to one of the categories and keep an eye on your budget diagram. It’s never been that easy!

3. Money Manager

MM is a lightweight money management app with a perfectly minimalistic interface and straightforward visualizations of where your money comes from and where they actually go. You can install MM on several devices and synchronize accounts every time your devices are connected to the Internet. 

4. My Finances

This app is very good for those who want to learn how to manage their personal budgets from the ground up. The main purpose of the app is to help you save up as much money as possible and learn to avoid irrational purchases. 

5. My Budget Book

If you want to have a utilitarian but practical solution for budget recording and statistics tracking, then you will like this a lot. The interface provides a feeling of using professional software, while the records are perfectly straightforward and can be converted into an XLSX file. 

What’s the best app for finance tracking? Leave your choice in the comments.