Thinking of DIY Solar Panel Installation? Think Again

Did you know that more than 230,000 Americans work in solar? As the need for solar energy systems increases, more technicians are finding jobs and getting qualified for installations.

Because there are so many solar professionals out there, you’ll never need to complete a DIY solar panel installation. However, you might be considering it to save upfront costs.

Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t do that.

Permits and Solar Compliance

A residential solar panel system has to meet the necessary regulations. Although you can work with your local government to ensure compliance, professionals know the ins and outs of the process.

A reputable solar panel provider can help you handle the details of a compliant system. This includes an emphasis on local, state, and national building standards.

To approve the installation, you will likely need an electrical inspection. A solar technician will make sure electrical codes are followed during the process.

Depending on the laws in your area, city planning departments might require that you get their approval before installing a solar system. This approval is easier to secure with the help of the pros.

A solar installer will help you settle legal matters conveniently and correctly.

Solar Installation Risks

There are risks you need to be aware of if you are considering a DIY solar panel installation.

Solar installation isn’t as simple as plugging in a new appliance. It involves roof climbing, carrying expensive equipment, and high-voltage wiring.

You are at higher risk of injury if you complete the wiring work without the proper tools and knowledge. Solar panels that are hooked up wrong can create a power surge that blows an inverter up.

Worst case scenario, your house burns down and injures you and the people inside of it.

You can find licensed and insured professionals who understand solar panel installation safety at

Complicated Planning Process

Professional solar panel installation companies do a lot of planning before they get started with the process. Placing solar panels on the roof is simple but planning and researching the parts of a system is not.

The planning process has to be done right so that solar panels work in the way that you want them to. A professional installer knows the details of different solar panel types and can tell you which system is right for your home.

An expert will help you figure out what system size you need, if your roof can handle the additional weight, and if your roof is at an optimal angle.

Not only are solar installers there to put panels on your roof, but they also have extensive experience with roofs and their conditions.

Avoid DIY Solar Panel Installation

Even if you consider yourself handy, choosing a DIY solar panel installation is not the best idea. You’ll likely need to work with experts to get your residential system approved and up and running.

Solar installers can help with permits, compliance, and planning. Plus, they will take on the solar installation risks that come with installing a new system.

Consider this guide before making a final decision and don’t forget to come back for more informative reads like this.