How to Reinforce Your Business Against Cyber Threats

There are cyber threats everywhere and they may be the reason your business fails. But a determined IT company can help you to prevent cyber threats from harming your business. Here are some cyber threats you need to know about and what action will be taken against that threat if attempted:

Distributed Denial of Service attack

DDoS attacks happen when cyber criminals use cyber-foot soldiers to send out an overwhelming amount of web traffic towards your site. More often than not, the cybercriminals will try to take advantage of security vulnerabilities in order to increase the number of cyber foot soldiers they have, making it even harder for you to prevent a DDoS cyber threat.

To deal with this cyber threat, you need to work with an IT company that has DDoS cyber security and cyber threat prevention plans. The cyber security plan will include:

  • cyber attacks monitoring

Phishing cyber threats

This is when cybercriminals pose as a reputable company or entity just to get your private information or credentials for accessing data in your system. These cybercriminals may email you asking for your password or credit card information. But they are cybercriminals. They will use this private information to steal from you, harm your business, or sell it to cybercriminals who want the same thing.

To prevent a phishing cyber threat:

  • install and maintain quality anti-virus software
  • install an email filter that blocks spam

Social engineering cyber threats

This cyber threat occurs when cybercriminals try to fool you into doing something that will harm your business or allow them access to cyber spaces where they are not authorized. There are cybercriminals who will call pretending to be from a reputable company and ask you to make a wire transfer. Or cybercriminals pretending to be cyber security experts who could help you to secure your network, only to gain your trust and then launch cyber attacks against you.

To prevent social engineering cyber threats:

  • do not share private information over the phone with anyone

Business email compromise cyber threats

This cyber threat occurs when cybercriminals hack into the email accounts of company employees and steal sensitive information from them, or use that private information to impersonate a business to other businesses in order to get paid for goods and services.

To prevent business email compromise cyber threats:

  • have cyber security experts set up strong passwords on all your online accounts

Advanced cyber attacks cyber threats

This cyber threat occurs when cybercriminals use cyber weapons that can damage or disrupt your computer systems and data. This cyber weapon may be a virus, spyware, Trojan horse malware, ransomware, worm, phishing attack, denial of service attack, or any other type of cyber threat.

To prevent advanced cyber attacks cyber threats:

  • Hire cyber security experts to monitor cyber spaces for cyber-attacks and cyber-threats 24/7. The IT company should be able to protect your private information, stop cyber attacks before they happen, and upgrade your cyber security systems as cyber technology advances.

After reading this article, you no longer have an excuse for not working with cyber security experts. If you are looking for cyber security services, the company has to be an IT cyber security company that is ISO 27001 certified. The cyber security plan needs to include risks assessments, cyber security training programs, cyber threat monitoring, phishing email filtering, password management system, penetration testing services , and more. Then cyber security experts should be able to protect your cyber spaces and cyber threats coming from advanced cyber attacks, social engineering cyber threats, business email compromise cyber threats and the other cyber threats mentioned in this article.