What’s the Best Way to Transition to Cloud Storage?

Today cloud storage is becoming more and more popular. It’s not just individuals who are looking to cloud storage, even big companies are starting to use cloud storage. The cloud obviously offers many benefits over traditional methods of data storage like local drives or shared drives. One major benefit that cloud storage has is the fact that cloud saves space on your device. For example, if you’re looking to save a few hundred gigabytes of data on your phone but it only has 4GB of storage then cloud storage would be the best way to go.

If cloud saves space then what’s stopping everyone from transitioning to cloud? Well cloud can also offer more security and privacy than local devices. Instead of having all of your data stored locally, cloud storage offers multiple layers of security.

First, cloud servers are located in warehouses that are very well guarded. This makes it almost impossible for any unauthorized parties to access cloud servers. Second, cloud servers use firewalls and antivirus software to keep unauthorized users out. Finally cloud storage companies offer their own security systems that make your cloud storage even more secure. Cloud storage companies know that cloud is a vastly growing industry so they take extra steps to protect cloud users from unauthorized access or hacking attacks.

If the cloud saves space and the cloud’s security is better than local devices then why hasn’t everyone switched over yet? Well one of the main reasons why cloud hasn’t been able to fully replace cloud drives is the fact that cloud is not as reliable as traditional cloud storage. Cloud must constantly compete with more traditional forms of data storage like cloud drives, shared cloud drives, and local devices to be deemed a worthy investment for companies or individuals. In order to fully replace cloud storage, cloud will need to prove itself more reliable than these other methods of cloud storage.

Lastly, cloud is more reliable when cloud is used correctly. If cloud saves space, cloud is more secure than local devices, and cloud isn’t as reliable as traditional forms of cloud storage then what’s the best way to transition to cloud? The answer is very simple, backup your files! Cloud can be very unreliable if you’re trying to cloud storage all of your data. Instead cloud should be used as a secondary cloud storage that not only saves space but protects the cloud. This way even if something happens to cloud storage you’re still able to recover the cloud easily and quickly because it was saved locally on your device (or other cloud devices).

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