5 Reasons Schools Should Outsource Their Tech Support

Many school districts across America are starting to see the benefits of outsourcing school tech support. Here are 5 reasons why school districts should outsource school tech support:

1. They Prevent Call Flooding and Increase Efficiency

The most obvious advantage to outsourcing school tech is that it prevents call flooding and increases efficiency. When students have a problem with their computer or mobile device, they contact school IT staff first. This causes an overload on school phone numbers and email addresses as every student would be contacting them with their problems leading to a high volume of calls during peak calling hours such as lunchtime and after school. Outsourcing this work helps prevent the flood of calls from occurring in the first place by having a different answer to all incoming technical questions with support centers located in different countries.

2. Decrease Operating Expenses

By outsourcing school tech support, school districts decrease their operating expenses by lowering payroll costs for school staff to handle technical issues when they arise. Instead of hiring school IT technicians to work part time at a school, school districts can outsource this work and save money on top of the cost savings of having an answering service or staffing a school phone 24/7 which isn’t needed if students have another way to reach out for help from school tech support centers.

3. Increase Dispatch Speed for Assistance Needs

When schools provide email access to their students along with internet access, it becomes a one stop shop for any computer or mobile device related need that a student has instead of going across school hallways in search of school IT staff. This leads to faster response times when school technical support is needed because the school didn’t have to create another email system for school tech support, school staff are already aware of students who need assistance and dispatch quickly instead of students calling school technical support numbers which causes further delays in getting help.

4. Boost Co-Op Work Opportunities between Schools and Tech Suppliers

Outsourcing school tech work like computer reparation, phone systems management, data storage, internet access and other related services can lead to greater opportunities for co-op work between schools and their affiliated suppliers across the world by creating a closer relationship between school district leaders and supplier representatives which can open up future career paths for student school technical support technicians in school districts.

5. Prevent Overwhelmed Staff From Having to Become Subject Matter Experts in Technology

By outsourcing school tech support, school IT staff don’t have to become subject matter experts in technology when they are already busy with school related administrative tasks like dealing with budgets, school facility maintenance and other duties that take up much of school leaders’ time. By outsourcing school tech support, school district staff outsource this work so that the school district doesn’t have to create another budget line item for school technical support by hiring more expensive school IT workers who may not be skilled enough for this type of job leading to having an inefficient “help desk”.

These are the reasons school districts should outsource school tech support. By outsourcing school technical support, school districts can save money on payroll, better dispatch school tech issues to the correct people at the correct time and allow school IT staff to focus on more important school jobs instead of becoming subject matter experts in technology which may not be their area of expertise.