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What to Expect from Managed Backups

In a world where most businesses are online, it has never been more important to have your data backed up regularly. On a day-to-day basis, some businesses are bringing in huge amounts of data that if lost could have a huge effect on the future of their business. Unfortunately, things do happen, data does get ….  Read More

How to Protect your Business from Cybercrime

In our current day and age, cybersecurity is a significant threat to businesses. Although it doesn’t target merchandise or damage property, cybercrime is more severe because it can wipe out business accounts, destroy company data, and steal customer details.  Although some small business owners don’t think they can be a target of cybercrime, they can ….  Read More

How To Revamp Your IT Budget in the New Year

Every year is different and it is essential to reevaluate both your business plans and your budget to adjust for the differences of the year.  Some ways you can reevaluate your IT budget in the New Year include: ●   Review past budget successes and failures ●   Keep an estimated budget; don’t budget down ….  Read More

For Truckers, In-Cab Tech Can Save Lives

For Truckers, In-Cab Tech Can Save Lives

Being a long-haul trucker is a dangerous job. Drivers travel great distances, often on tight deadlines and with little sleep, and when things go wrong, they tend to put others on the road at risk. In recent years, however, many of the same vehicle safety tools found in popular cars, such as auto-braking and lane ….  Read More

For Small Businesses, 2021 is the Year to Finally Buckle Down on Cybersecurity

For Small Businesses, 2021 is the Year to Finally Buckle Down on Cybersecurity

For many years, small (and even medium-sized) businesses have looked at cybersecurity as something invested in by larger companies and more established organizations. But if you look at what’s happening in this space today, it’s apparent that companies of all shapes and sizes need to be making more substantial investments into thwarting digital threats. Here’s ….  Read More

Are Passwords Phasing Out?

A password is the standard procedure if you want to have convenient security online. No wonder it’s quickly become the most popular way of accessing websites and data. In reality passwords are a basic security measure, but not very effective. They open doors to hackers and scammers and provide a false sense of security. As ….  Read More

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Why Updating Your Operating System is Essential

How many times have you seen that pop up on your screen telling you to update your operating system? Are you one of those people who quickly clicks off of it, thinking you will do it another day? You are not alone.  Many people do this without realizing how important it is to update your ….  Read More

4 Cyberattack Trends in 2021

4 Cyberattack Trends in 2021

Cyberattacks are more common and severe than ever. We’ve witnessed some of the worst cyber crimes since 2018, involving colossal data breaches, microchip flaws, and more. We read about new cyberattack threats daily, including phishing and ransomware. It’s likely that in 2021, we’ll see more cyber threats that companies need to anticipate. On the plus ….  Read More

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A Look at the Future of Waste Management Technology

When China severely curtailed imported waste from the United States and other countries a few years ago, it forced them to review their own waste management processes more carefully. Ash, cotton, paper, plastic, steelmaking slag, yarn, and wool are the main categories of waste that China will no longer accept. Unfortunately, this has caused worsening ….  Read More