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How is My Business Doing in the Technology Realm?

Businesses on the market today are completely dependent on technology. This guide explores how to identify whether issues with tech are leaving your company vulnerable.  The latest technology available to business owners today can provide a lot of advantages. For instance, thanks to the latest tech it has been possible for many businesses to switch ….  Read More

Are Cloud Solutions Right For Your Business?

These days the trend is toward cloud solutions, and for good reasons. Unlike the traditional model of mainframe storage, cloud solutions don’t have any limits on storage capabilities. They are also far more secure in the age of cybercrime. What are Cloud Solutions? In the past, companies required storage facilities to secure their data. This ….  Read More

What Kind of Incentives Should I Offer to My Customers for Using The App?

Many restaurants now understand the value of building and launching apps. Apps allow customers to order meals inside a well-defined environment instead of having to go through clunky browsers.  But which specific incentives should restaurants be offering to their customers via their apps? In this post, we find out.  Points Per How Much They Spend ….  Read More

3 Reasons Why We Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month

In October, companies everywhere are celebrating cybersecurity awareness month to raise awareness surrounding the rise in cybercrime and ensure that businesses are doing their part to protect their clients, employees, and businesses from hackers.  The Department of Homeland Security created a month-long campaign to make employees, companies, and other organizations that heavily rely on the ….  Read More

Government Effort to Deploy Security Standards Across All Defenses

The U.S. Department of Defense has recently announced that it is working to deploy security standards across all defences to better protect the country from cyberattacks and other attacks on our information systems. With this announcement, we can see a concrete example of how government agencies are taking steps towards securing America’s networks, data, and ….  Read More

7 Simple but Effective Brainstorming Techniques For Writers

Writing requires concentration, creativity, imagination, and a lot of editing. And all of that is pretty difficult when you are going through writer’s block. One of the many challenges writers face is deciding on an exciting and creative topic. Moreover, nearly 28% of writers believe that starting a piece is the biggest challenge of writing. ….  Read More

How Important Is a Personal Brand When Job Searching?

How Important Is a Personal Brand When Job Searching?

Searching for a job is always stressful. You may not currently have a job, and even if you do, you’re probably not satisfied with your current position. On top of that, you’ll have limitless options of where to work, thousands of competitors to contend with, and a lingering sense of uncertainty as you wade through ….  Read More

What Is Sitecore, How Does It Work, & Why Should I Care?

Sitecore currently powers the websites and eCommerce platforms of some of the world’s leading brands and digital vendors, including Microsoft, Puma, Volvo, and L’Oréal. These larger brands trust Sitecore CMS with their websites because it can help them deliver rich customer experiences and inspire conversions. So what exactly is Sitecore? How does it work? Is ….  Read More

Best Practices for Running an ECommerce Business

Running an e-commerce business is never static, even if things are operating like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, it’s vital that you keep updated with your niche’s latest developments, technological developments, and security protocols.   Know Your Audience Knowing and understanding your target audience makes it easier to create marketing strategies, direct sales, and develop products that ….  Read More

How to Avoid Compliance Violations in Your Company

Compliance is a feature of your business that is easy to overlook in your everyday operations. Perhaps you are aware of some compliance protocols, but you haven’t done anything about them yet. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous area because your business could be liable for fines that run into tens of thousands of dollars.   If ….  Read More