Intelligent Document Processing and The Power of AI

Advanced document understanding is just a small piece of the larger world that we now know as the world of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability of a computer or machine to learn from previous experiences. Today, there are several different AI models in many different forms, from content algorithms on social media to self-driving cars. The main types of AI are machine learning, deep learning and expert systems, all of which can work together to advance technology as we know it.

AI is making leaps and bounds in the business and governmental sectors, changing the way and the speed at which these groups operate for the better. Zillow is a prime example of this, as their Zestimate tool combines expert systems, machine learning, and deep learning to push their company forward. In business, AI is most often used for customer service enhancement, general analytics, call-center automation, and much more. Similarly, for governmental entities, AI can increase productivity, enhance talent management, and increase operating speed. 

It is up to those in power to successfully incorporate AI into business operations, launching forward a new wave of productivity only possible with today’s advanced technology. When utilized properly, AI has the ability to change our society as we know it, speeding up and simplifying daily operations for governments, businesses, and even everyday citizens.

Intelligent Document Processing and AI