Ubi web whiteboard for education

Students from K3-K12 to higher ed are increasingly using personal devices to participate in classroom activities. They use the devices to join a session remotely when they cannot make it personally to the classroom.

However, these remote students lack the experience of the students in the classroom, since they have to rely on an often poor quality video feed to see what the teacher is writing on the board.

These are the problems, Ubi web whiteboard is solving. It is an incredibly easy tool that can run on  your desktop or browser. It opens up a whiteboard where you can immediately start writing and drawing. You can pick different colors, line size, erase your drawing etc. But the best part is sharing. With one click you can get a link to this whiteboard, that you can message or email to your students. They can then see what you write and with your permission also start adding their own input to the whiteboard. It is almost like every student, no matter where they are, are in the same class room.


And even when all your students are in the same room, this tool can become very handy.  You can call on students to solve a problem or add their input to the whiteboard. The students after each session can download the entire whiteboard for future reference. No need to take notes during the class.

Ubi web whiteboard app is available as part of the standard Ubi sensor application as well as Ubi stand alone apps.


To get the best value out of Ubi web whiteboard, you need to use it along with Ubi sensor. Ubi sensor turns any whiteboard or TV screen into a large interactive display. The Ubi web whiteboard app can be launched with one click when you are using ubi sensor. Now whatever you write on your TV or physical whiteboard is instantly shared with your students. It is like your students are in the same classroom, even if they are sitting in a far away country.

Get a trial version of Ubi Apps for Education from here to see how well it works for your classroom.

Try Ubi sensor from here to see how you can turn your whiteboards, TVs  and walls interactive.