3 Tips for Using Technology When Using Patterns to Sew Clothes

3 Tips for Using Technology When Using Patterns to Sew Clothes

Sewing clothes for yourself is a fulfilling way to get what you want without having to hunt for it. Maybe you are ready to do something else with your skills or are hoping to discover new creative horizons. Here are some ways to accelerate your sewing pattern game, discover adjacent skills, and ensure that you’re happier with your results every time.

1: Discover the Power of PDFs

There’s nothing as classic as a paper sewing pattern, but PDF patterns are here to stay. Whether you want to start creating your own digital patterns from scratch or digitize paper patterns you’ve already drafted, this resource has everything you need to get started. With digital PDF sewing patterns, you can save the pattern for future usage.

To fully maximize the power of this resource, you may need to learn some specialized software but before long you’re going to be looking at sewing patterns in a brand new way. You might even unlock a new revenue stream for yourself.

2. Shop for the Right Pattern

Sewing patterns can be expensive. You want to make sure you’re purchasing a pattern that’s going to sew up into clothing that fits. All you need is your body’s measurement, then find the closest size. This chart is especially useful when shopping for international patterns. It’s best to always look at the clothing measurement chart for each individual pattern as even brands can change measurement standards. It’s best to always double check your measurement against the sewing pattern, and if you are in between sizes, you should size up and then tailor the garment accordingly.

Remember, patterns will sometimes print the measurement of finished garments on the package, too. This can make reading the package confusing. When possible, it’s always best to use your body measurement to choose a size. This will give you the best chance at an accurate fit every time.

3. Leverage the Power of AI

Have you ever looked at a photo online and thought, “I wish I could sew something like that!” Now there’s a tool that gets us one step closer to making that wish come true. This resource is probably best used by people who already have a robust set of sewing skills because these patterns won’t come with a set of step-by-step instructions like standard commercial patterns do. You’ll definitely want to create a sample item first.

The Potential is Endless

Today’s technology offers many amazing opportunities for sewing enthusiasts, but even simple references are still valuable. Once you start exploring and experimenting with the resources available, your skills will grow. There are now more chances than ever to create according to your personal creative vision.

Many people don’t realize how beneficial using technology is when sewing clothes, but it makes using patterns to sew clothes much easier and the finished products are more accurate. Technology offers users numerous possibilities when using patterns in clothing construction so it’s important to learn how to use technology to assist your clothing creations.