Operations Upgrades – Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining Vs Manual Control

CNC machining is a revolutionary step in manufacturing. It has changed engineering in various industries, and it continues to be implemented across the board. Not so long ago, machine input relied on manual controls and the operator was in full control. Live operators had to guide machines using commands to achieve the desired result. All of this has changed, and CNC has taken precision manufacturing to another level.

What is CNC Machining?

If you have never heard of CNC machining, this article will give a summary of what it does. It is a process which relies on pre-programmed software to control factory tools and machinery. It is used in a wide range of industries from medical to defence.

The machine acts like a robot, once it is programmed, it cuts the desired piece with exact precision. CNC Machining from Amiga Engineering uses modern technology to create products that are flawless and void of errors. CNC machining can be used to accomplish 3-dimensional cutting tasks without the need of manual commands from the operator.

The Value of CNC Machining

When you use CNC machining, you improve your business and offer precise and flawless products that have been made with accuracy. When we upgrade our systems and introduce new tech into the workplace, the business benefits greatly from innovative parts. Here are just some of the many advantages of using a CNC machine over a conventional system.

Consistent Product Accuracy – Manual machining cannot produce the same level of product accuracy as a computer. As we all know, humans are prone to errors no matter how skilled they are at their trade. The process is far more precise than conventional methods.

Quality Products & Increased Speed – When it comes to comparing manual machining and CNC machining, you must think about efficiency. CNC machining is an automated process that increases the speed and quality of the work. Furthermore, machines do not tire or need a break. Manual systems need a human operator who cannot work as quickly as a robot. Automation has had a huge impact on the workplace as it continues to transform the landscape.

Safety – One of the main benefits of using CNC machining is safety. When you use automated machines, it lowers the risk of workplace accidents. An operator is no longer needed close to the machine as they can work behind a safety door or safety panel.

Cost-Effective – Conventional machining requires a lot of manpower. For each machine, you need at least one operator to control the device and execute tasks. One skilled operator can run several CNC machines at the one time, this helps to reduce costs and it saves the company money. What a business saves in manpower can translate over to the customers, helping to achieve a competitive edge.

Taking advantage of a parts supplier who uses CNC machining has many advantages. If possible It also pays to install CNC machinery in your business. You should look to eliminate manual machining and install automated systems in the workplace.