Meet Clinc’s ‘Human in the Room’ AI Virtual Assistant

What Is Clinc?

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Clinc is an innovative artificial intelligence development startup that launched in 2015. Although the company has grown and now has a satellite office in Beijing, China, the founders plan to maintain roots in Michigan. The University of Michigan, one of the top colleges in the United States for computer engineering and breakthrough technologies, is where much of the leadership team and talent at the company studied and graduated. Clinc has been touted by some of the most prestigious publications in this country as an AI company to watch and has garnered numerous awards for its pioneering technology and research in the conversational AI field. Clinc continually analyzes and improves its AI-powered virtual assistant technologies through an unusual approach, which includes extensive research and special data.

Clinc Introduces Finie

Clinc’s first artificial intelligence virtual assistant technology, named Finie, has been characterized as ‘the financial genie’. Finie was developed for the banking and financial services industry. Programmed with extensive knowledge and a well-rounded vocabulary, Finie speaks to banking customers using natural language and excels in processing their requests. To add to the assistant’s abilities, it is also programmed to detect and consider the time of year, day and other important factors when interacting with customers. As a small example, if a customer cannot make a transfer after a certain time of day, Finie can advise the individual of that.

Finie’s Abilities

Many customers say that Finie’s abilities are equal to those of live banking assistants when it comes to processing requests and maintaining intelligent conversations. The AI assistant understands improper speech patterns, messy language and even complex conversations.

Finie can help people activate cards, check their statements, make transfers, make payments, find ATMs and send them to a live support representative when they have more complex issues. If customers want advice about how to save money, Finie can quickly analyze their spending habits to make some customized suggestions. Additionally, Finie is programmed to provide services in over 80 languages, extensively broadening the assistant’s accessibility. In addition to one of the most prominent banks in Turkey, many other financial entities around the world use Clinc’s virtual AI assistant. Currently, Finie serves more than 35 million users around the world.

Clinc’s Technology

When Clinc created Finie, the developers started from scratch by constructing five AI engines. They used machine learning and NLP technologies to help develop smarter conversations. With machine learning, Finie can detect mistakes and heal them, differentiating it from other forms of less sophisticated AI Unlike human assistants, Finie also has the ability to remember and utilize every learning experience.

To make Finie’s abilities even more extensive, the researchers used data outliers for a more comprehensive approach. With outliers, the data is sometimes highly useful. The outlier-related information is helpful for creating more sophisticated responses and boosting the program’s detection abilities. It may also be helpful for other tasks, such as conversational healing.

Finie’s developers made the platform easily accessible. With user-friendly features, businesses can create and quickly launch a custom AI virtual assistant. There is one convenient portal where they can manage settings and data. For existing programs, there is a plug-and-play integration option to add to Finie’s ease of use. Also, there is automatic testing to boost improvements. Users have access to hands-on support and training to help them maximize the benefits of their investment.

Clinc and Finie Look to the Future

Clinc AI’s unique technologies and success have been touted by customers and industry leaders alike, and the platform has even received recognition as winner of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for Artificial Intelligence in 2019. Clinc continues to improve upon their existing technology and developing new technological benefits for its conversational AI programs. As an industry leader in both thought and technological development, Clinc is pioneering new paths for language-creating technologies.

Although most of the company’s customers are comprised of financial institutions, Clinc’s technology is built to adapt and they plan to expand Finie’s conversational reach into a multitude of industries in the near future. Additional research is currently underway in advance of that expansion, using the company’s unique approach to develop more comprehensive knowledge and detection. With Finie, its AI virtual assistant, Clinc hopes to help more companies reduce their reliance on live agents as well as significantly lowering operational costs while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Based on a study of 10 million active users, the containment rate for Clinc’s technology was 95%. Its customer satisfaction rate was 82%. As far as company growth, Clinc plans to add more staff as it expands into new industries. It currently staffs more than 100 people locally in Ann Arbor as well as their satellite campus and those working with Clinc remotely across the nation. As AI continues evolving, expect Clinc’s name in the conversation as a leading innovator in AI development.

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