What to Do If Your Home Door Lock Gets Broken?

What to Do If Your Home Door Lock Gets Broken?

It’s common for people to witness broken door locks because these locks are never built to last forever. No matter how durable the lock once was and how strong it appeared the first time you bought it, with regular use, a little wear and tear is common and there’s nothing to worry about. Usually what happens is that when a lock is broken, people immediately jump to the conclusion that they need to buy a new one. Where replacements are inevitable, you should still try to figure out a way to address the problem and get the lock fixed.

When it comes to lock repair, you have two options: either head to the hardware store to get the best tools for DIY lock repairing or call a professional. It’s true that sometimes repairing locks on your own can be successful as you don’t need any expert knowledge and skills. However, if you are unsure of how to fix the lock or what the problem is, looking for a locksmith in Atlanta will be the best option for you. 

1-Jammed Door Lock

If you are inserting the key in the lock and it’s not turning around, the lock is probably jammed. It’s common but this entire jammed door lock situation can be a little frustrating which is why most people panic and they end up breaking the key by pushing it too hard. Locks get jammed mainly due to dirt and debris built up so you have to understand the situation first and then try different techniques like; spraying compressed air inside the keyhole to get rid of the stuck debris or use some penetrating oil to unjam the lock.

2-Frozen Door Lock

If you live in a colder region, frozen door locks are common and this situation is easier to handle as compared to the one mentioned above. Here you just need to heat the key, use an aerosol de-icer or simply use a hairdryer to give some heat to the lock. The best solution among these is to heat the key and for this you just need to dip it in hot boiling water and then immediately insert it inside the lock. If the lock is frozen, the problem will be fixed right away.

3-A Faulty Lock Bolt

If you are able to turn the door  knob or the key but the lock’s not working, there might be some problem with the lock bolt inside. This happens usually due to damage, wear, age or tampering and if the issue is with the mechanical parts of the lock, it should be repaired or replaced. Replacements are easier in this case as you can just go to your nearest hardware store, get a new lock and install it without any professional help. Just make sure to get the exact same lock with the same mechanism so that you don’t have trouble installing it. Quality lock manufacturers always provide an instructions guide for you to install the locks easily.

4-Hiring A Locksmith

If you are unable to identify the problem or if you don’t have the right tools to repair the lock yourself, you should simply call a locksmith. It’s always better to hire a professional to repair your locks because these locks ensure your safety so you can’t take any risks here. These people have years of experience and most importantly, they have the exact tools that you need to get your locks repaired. Moreover, hiring an expert can save you a lot of time and energy so this definitely is worth your money.

These are some solutions to your broken or faulty door lock issues. We would still suggest you look for a locksmith whether you want to get your lock replaced or repaired. Also, always get some spare keys for your locks so that in case of a lockout, you do have a plan B.