Common Cybersecurity Weaknesses in the Financial Services Sector

In an annual report by Boston Consulting Group, organizations in the financial services sector were rated 300 times more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals. The industry holds a wealth of sensitive personal and financial data, so it should come as no surprise that it faces the highest risk of having that information compromised. While ….  Read More

How To Transition From Virtual To In-Person Teaching

The pandemic caused a shift from in-person to virtual teaching and just as many people have become comfortable with that arrangement, we are shifting back from virtual to in-person teaching. Some teachers will use a hybrid teaching environment to address the needs of their children. Some teachers expect to be shifting back to in-person teaching ….  Read More

5 Ways How Surgery is Changing Due TO Technology

We live in the age of technology, and we are now seeing more and more industries using it. One of these is the medical industry, and it’s already easy to see some of the ways that surgery is changing because of it. That’s what we’re going to be looking at down below, so if you ….  Read More

Government Effort to Deploy Security Standards Across All Defenses

The U.S. Department of Defense has recently announced that it is working to deploy security standards across all defences to better protect the country from cyberattacks and other attacks on our information systems. With this announcement, we can see a concrete example of how government agencies are taking steps towards securing America’s networks, data, and ….  Read More

7 Simple but Effective Brainstorming Techniques For Writers

Writing requires concentration, creativity, imagination, and a lot of editing. And all of that is pretty difficult when you are going through writer’s block. One of the many challenges writers face is deciding on an exciting and creative topic. Moreover, nearly 28% of writers believe that starting a piece is the biggest challenge of writing. ….  Read More

How Important Is a Personal Brand When Job Searching?

How Important Is a Personal Brand When Job Searching?

Searching for a job is always stressful. You may not currently have a job, and even if you do, you’re probably not satisfied with your current position. On top of that, you’ll have limitless options of where to work, thousands of competitors to contend with, and a lingering sense of uncertainty as you wade through ….  Read More

What Is Sitecore, How Does It Work, & Why Should I Care?

Sitecore currently powers the websites and eCommerce platforms of some of the world’s leading brands and digital vendors, including Microsoft, Puma, Volvo, and L’Oréal. These larger brands trust Sitecore CMS with their websites because it can help them deliver rich customer experiences and inspire conversions. So what exactly is Sitecore? How does it work? Is ….  Read More

Best Practices for Running an ECommerce Business

Running an e-commerce business is never static, even if things are operating like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, it’s vital that you keep updated with your niche’s latest developments, technological developments, and security protocols.   Know Your Audience Knowing and understanding your target audience makes it easier to create marketing strategies, direct sales, and develop products that ….  Read More

How to Avoid Compliance Violations in Your Company

Compliance is a feature of your business that is easy to overlook in your everyday operations. Perhaps you are aware of some compliance protocols, but you haven’t done anything about them yet. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous area because your business could be liable for fines that run into tens of thousands of dollars.   If ….  Read More