Tips for Trust Fund Recovery

What is a “trust fund recovery penalty?” The trust fund recovery penalty is a civil penalty that may be imposed on any person who is responsible for collecting, accounting for, and paying over any tax required to be collected or paid by an employer, but who willfully fails to do so. The penalty is equal ….  Read More

Can Managed Backups Help Protect Your Business From Ransomware?

There’s no doubt that ransomware is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes. In fact, a recent study by Symantec found that ransomware attacks increased by 36% in 2017. And with the average ransom demand now totaling $679,698, it’s clear that these attacks can have a devastating financial impact on companies. That’s why it’s ….  Read More

Why Your Business Should Migrate to Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive, cloud-based productivity solution that includes everything your business needs to stay productive and connected. By migrating to Microsoft 365, you can take advantage of the latest productivity tools and services, including Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online. In addition, you’ll have access to 24/7 support ….  Read More

10 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before They Start

Did you know that hiring a qualified contractor is one of the most important aspects of any home improvement project? Not only do you want to make sure that the job is done right, but you also want to avoid any legal issues that could arise from hiring an unlicensed or inexperienced contractor. What should you ….  Read More

The Value of Disaster Recovery Plans

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? A disaster recovery plan is a document that outlines how a business will continue operations in the event of an unexpected disruption. The plan should identify critical systems and processes, and establish procedures for restoring them in a timely manner. Disaster recovery planning is an essential part of any ….  Read More

Why Fort Wayne Businesses Need Managed IT Support

Did you know that 60% of small businesses in the US don’t have a formal written information technology (IT) plan? This can be a big problem for Fort Wayne businesses who rely on technology to function. Before we dive into the reasons Fort Wayne businesses need Managed IT Support, let’s first understand what it is. ….  Read More

Should Your Small Business Migrate To The Cloud?

If your small business isn’t on the cloud yet, you may be wondering if it’s really worth making the switch. After all, change can be scary – especially when it comes to your business. However, there are many reasons why migrating to the cloud is a smart move for small businesses. Keep reading to learn ….  Read More

Multi Device Charging And Corporate Productivity: A Tight Connection

We typically think of productivity as having to do with checking off “to dos” on our checklist, or finishing a project or steps to completing it.  It is, however, something that organizations focus on consistently.  It enables success and so much more. An efficient workday also enables productivity.  When employees have devices that are uncharged, ….  Read More

Outsourcing IT – What You Need to Look for in an IT Support Provider

Many small to medium sized businesses are now outsourcing their (information technology) IT support needs. Gaining access to enterprise-level support and expertise can be a game-changer for businesses, allowing them to focus on their core goals and objectives. When looking for an IT support provider, there are ten key things to keep in mind. 1. ….  Read More