7 Security Red Flags From a Storage Company 

When it comes to selecting a storage company, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure should be your top priority. Here are seven red flags that indicate a storage facility may not be up to par with their security measures.

1. Lack of Surveillance Cameras

A reputable storage facility should have surveillance cameras installed throughout the property. These cameras deter potential thieves and help monitor activities. If you notice an absence of visible cameras, think twice before storing your items there.

2. Poor Lighting

Adequate lighting is essential for security. A well-lit facility makes it difficult for intruders to hide and provides a safer environment for customers accessing their units at night. If the facility is dimly lit or has broken lights, this is a major red flag.

3. No On-Site Security Personnel

Security personnel provide an extra layer of protection. Their presence alone can be a significant deterrent to criminal activity. If the storage facility does not have on-site security staff, it might be worth considering other options.

4. Weak Access Control Systems

Modern storage facilities should have robust access control systems, such as keypads, biometric scanners, or smart locks. If the facility relies solely on traditional locks and keys without additional access control measures, your belongings might be at risk.

5. Poorly Maintained Property

A poorly maintained property often reflects a lack of attention to security. Overgrown bushes, broken fences, or damaged gates can provide easy access for intruders. Ensure the facility is well-maintained and regularly inspected.

6. Inadequate Unit Locks

The locks used on storage units should be of high quality and difficult to tamper with. Padlocks or combination locks can be easily cut or broken. Look for facilities that use cylinder locks or disc locks, which offer better security.

7. No Security Alarms

Alarm systems are crucial for deterring unauthorized access. Each storage unit should ideally have its own alarm that triggers if someone attempts to break in. If the facility lacks individual unit alarms or a comprehensive alarm system, it’s a red flag.


Choosing the right storage company is crucial for the safety of your belongings. Be vigilant and look out for these security red flags to ensure your items are stored in a secure environment. If you encounter any of these issues, it might be best to continue your search for a more secure storage facility.

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