What is a Storage Unit Auction?

Storage unit auctions are a growing trend in the many industries. A storage auction occurs when an individual or company fails to pay rent on their self-storage unit, giving the facility owner ownership of the stored items. The facility owner will then hold an auction, allowing bidders to purchase the contents of the storage unit. Before participating in a storage unit auction, there are some important things to consider.

1. Be Prepared

Make sure you have done your research before participating in a storage auction and that you understand how it works. Have cash ready, as most auctions require payment immediately after purchase. Additionally, be aware that some storage units may contain hazardous or perishable items which should be disposed of properly.

2. Know the Regulations

Be sure you are familiar with any local, state or federal regulations regarding storage auctions and that you comply with them. Research the rules of the particular self-storage facility as well, which may include restrictions on bidding and purchasing certain items.

3. Inspect Before Bidding

In some cases, you may be able to view contents before an auction begins. Even if it’s not possible to do so, you should inspect a unit thoroughly after purchase to understand what is inside and whether it is worth your money in the long run.

4. Buyer Beware

It is important to remember that most storage unit auctions are “buyer beware” sales; meaning whatever you purchase, you are responsible for. You may not be able to return the items or receive a refund if they’re damaged or not as expected.

5. Know the Risks

Be aware that some storage units contain illegal or stolen items that can get you into trouble with the law. Additionally, storage unit contents can be heavily infested by pests and mold, so exercise caution before entering a unit and consider purchasing protective gear such as gloves and masks.

6. Don’t Take Chances

Storage auctions can sometimes become heated environments which could result in dangerous situations. Be mindful of your safety at all times and avoid taking risks like bidding on higher-priced units without thoroughly inspecting them beforehand.

7. Have Fun

Although storage auctions can be intimidating for newcomers, they are also a great way to score some amazing deals. With the right preparation and knowledge of the process, you can have an enjoyable experience and find some incredible items. So don’t forget to have fun!

Overall, storage unit auctions offer a unique opportunity for people to purchase items at a discounted price. Although there are risks involved, with the right research and precautions you can be sure to come away with great finds while staying safe. Happy hunting!