How Malware Protection Can Save You Thousands

In this technological age, it is becoming too easy to pick up a computer virus from even the most mundane of activities. Malware protection doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. In fact, it can save your company thousands of dollars by preventing downtime and secure data breaches.

The costs associated with malware attacks are high enough that they should be a huge concern for businesses and individuals alike. Malware infection has been shown to cost companies an average of $38,000 in damages per attack, with some costing as much as $75 million! Malicious software infections can cause anything from complete data loss to regaining access after an attack. Malware protection can help prevent such attacks and is very easy to implement into a company’s infrastructure.

For individuals, malware protection is just as important and will only become more prevalent in the future. Malware and virus attacks are becoming increasingly common and can leave personal information vulnerable to theft or attack. Malicious software could even cause damage to devices such as smartphones or tablets that contain sensitive data such as credit card information. Malware protection is especially important for individuals who are using public computers with access to the internet or are using their personal devices at work. Malware protection can save an individual’s identity and keep their data safe from attackers.

There are several ways malware attacks occur, with most being unwitting actions by the user of an infected device. Infections can occur via email, websites, social media sites, or downloaded files. Malware protection will help prevent these attacks by simply scanning any incoming data for malicious content. Malware protection software is easily set up on company computers or devices to scan all incoming and outgoing data for suspicious activity.

An additional way malware attacks occur is through open networks that are not secure. Malware protection software can also prevent network infection by monitoring data that is being transferred over public networks. Malware protection will even scan any data stored on a network for suspicious activity, preventing an attacker from stealing sensitive information or infecting other devices. Malware protection is especially useful in work environments where multiple computers are connected to the same network.

One of the most important aspects of malware protection is the ability to detect any suspicious activity before it becomes a major problem or causes damage. Malware detection systems are capable of monitoring multiple devices at once and quickly isolating any potential threats. Malware protection software can be pre-configured to monitor for certain types of attacks, such as a worm that spreads itself across a network. Malware protection systems will also be able to detect any changes in activity, such as a specific device on the network suddenly connecting with an unusual IP address or accessing an unauthorized website. Malware detection software can even monitor individual files and block those known to contain viruses or trojans.

Malware protection is also able to recover lost data after an attack has occurred. Malicious software can leave personal files completely inaccessible by encrypting them and demanding a ransom for their release. Malware protection will be able to scan all accessible hard drives for malware infection, but will also be capable of scanning the files themselves to unlock any that were encrypted during an attack. Malware protection can even help recover lost data after a full system failure or crash due to a virus attack. Malware protection can then scan older files in order to restore access to any that were not backed up. Malware protection is an important aspect of any Managed IT Services.