Car Technologies You Might Not Even Know You Have

Did you recently buy a new car? If so, you might actually have access to some very useful technology that you had no idea was even installed. The newer vehicles are simply packed with technology. This is because tech updates make our driving experience easier and safer. The USB port is no longer the pinnacle of car technology. So, let’s take a look at some things you might already have and know nothing about.

Locator Arrow For The Gas Tank

There are not many things more embarrassing than going to the gas station and pulling up to the wrong side of the vehicle. Thankfully, this was solved a long time ago. While you surely know where the gas tank is placed if you have been driving the same vehicle for a long time, if you step into a new one, look for the locator arrow for the gas tank. It is usually on the dashboard, close to the fuel level gauge. A triangular arrow will show you the correct direction.

Road Condition Indicator

Most new cars include temperature sensors. They are useful as they indicate exterior ambient temperature, which is very advantageous in various cases. What you might not know though is that temperature sensors also activate road temperature warnings when temperatures go down.

The indicator is usually a snowflake light. In some cases, you might even get an audible warning. Such systems practically alert you that the road ahead is most likely icy. The feature is very common in family SUVs but also often noticed in sedans.

Stability Control

Nobody wants to lose control of a car while driving. This is why every single car that was sold in the US ever since 2012 (as the model year) includes electronic stability control. This is a system that monitors the wheels. When the vehicle slides out and is no longer controlled, wheels on one part end up spinning faster. With electronic stability control, brakes are automatically applied on one side (or even a single tire) in order to correct sliding.

Stability control can be disabled on some cars. This can be useful when you towboats or face a very slippery driving condition.

Heads-Up Display

Distracted driving is very dangerous. It is very important that you keep your eyes only on the road when you drive. Because of this, new cars often include a heads-up display.

This is a feature that was originally designed for fighter jets. It displays the critical driving information through a projection. Usually, you get to see things like navigation and driving speed. There are also some cars that will show speed limits or other things, like what song is playing.

Backseat Reminders

Unfortunately, there are countless horrific stories about parents who accidentally leave babies inside the car for a really long time. Car manufacturers realized this and created systems that could eliminate the tragedies. When the car sees that the rear door was opened right after or before starting the car, it starts a small alarm when the car stops or when the engine is stopped. This reminds you that you did something in the backseat area.