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Mindful Health Solutions Brings Innovative Care and TMS Therapy to Newport Beach.

Dr. Richard Bermudes first opened TMS Health Solutions in 2007. Founding his business on the efficacy of the innovative Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy for treatment-resistant depression, Dr. Bermudes and TMS Health were early entrants into a potentially life-changing therapeutic modality. In the intervening years since TMS Health Solutions was founded, Dr. Bermudes and his team have ….  Read More

How Crypto Trading is Impacting Cybersecurity and Compliance

As crypto trading has been gaining in popularity, experts have been saying that these new alternative cryptocurrencies are going to take the world by storm. However, crypto trading is also going to affect many other areas of society and business – a few of these affecting cybersecurity and compliance . According to a recent story ….  Read More

6 Technology Mistakes Utah Businesses Are Making

It’s very common for technology to be an afterthought for many Utah businesses. They are not aware of technology best practices, what everyone else is doing, or the technology they should have. The technology decisions they make are often based on personal preferences, what was recommended by a friend or family member, what looks best, ….  Read More

How Do IOS Updates Impact My Computer Security?

The iPhone operating system has been around for quite some time and the iPhone itself is insanely popular. Every iPhone user knows that iPhone operating system updates can get a bit frustrating (especially when you’re stuck in between an update). Despite this, iPhone users still enjoy these updates because they mean new features and increased ….  Read More

What’s the Best Way to Transition to Cloud Storage?

Today cloud storage is becoming more and more popular. It’s not just individuals who are looking to cloud storage, even big companies are starting to use cloud storage. The cloud obviously offers many benefits over traditional methods of data storage like local drives or shared drives. One major benefit that cloud storage has is the ….  Read More

How to Reinforce Your Business Against Cyber Threats

There are cyber threats everywhere and they may be the reason your business fails. But a determined IT company can help you to prevent cyber threats from harming your business. Here are some cyber threats you need to know about and what action will be taken against that threat if attempted: Distributed Denial of Service ….  Read More

Ousourcing Your IT May Be the Solution to Your Problems

Outsourcing your information technology could be the solution to your problems. If you are outsourcing the entire IT department why? Maybe you don’t have enough employees or money, and outsourcing should allow you to get all of the benefits of having an in-house team without actually hiring one. This can be a great option if ….  Read More

5 Steps to Protect Your Business Against Malware and Viruses

The malware you can get onto your computer is getting more and more sophisticated. Every so often there seems to be a new type of malware that spreads throughout the internet, infecting computers which have not been up to date with their malware protection software. These viruses are something that every business will have to ….  Read More

How Viruses Can Damage Your Network

Today, there are more ways than ever for viruses to damage your network. They can be hard to identify and even harder to remove. If you want to avoid them, it is important that you know how they work and how they spread. There are 10 main ways a virus can damage your network. They ….  Read More

How Malware Protection Can Save You Thousands

In this technological age, it is becoming too easy to pick up a computer virus from even the most mundane of activities. Malware protection doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. In fact, it can save your company thousands of dollars by preventing downtime and secure data breaches. The costs associated with malware attacks ….  Read More