How to Use Technology to Keep Up with Your Logistics Fleet

How to Use Technology to Keep Up with Your Logistics Fleet

Thanks to advanced technology and widespread internet use, today you can easily run your fleet of vehicles without much hustle. You can control their management track and inspect their parts independently and safely without much effort. You only need various technology installations on your cars, such as NFC-enabled Access Control and Management, GPS tracking, Remote Vehicle Management, Fleet Management Software, Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Satellite Tracking.

NFC-Enabled Access Control and Management

Near-field communication allows you to establish a secure channel using encrypted data when transmitting crucial data, especially if you are focused on renting or hiring logistics vehicles. The technology works with other cards easily. It is also affordable and easy to implement since it comes from Radio Frequency Identification. Its frequency allows your driver’s devices to relay peer-to-peer information within 10 centimeters of distance.

Before any driver gets into your vehicle, they have to scan the NFC tags that you have given them. This means that unauthorized drivers cannot access the cars, and therefore, your vehicles become difficult to steal.

GPS tracking

Although GPS tracking has existed for some time, they have evolved with technology and some no longer use batteries but come with electrical chargers and can connect to a WiFi network. Therefore, you can use GPS tracking to keep up with your logistics fleet. GPS will help you identify where your hired or rented vehicles are on a digital map.

Remote Vehicle Management

As a fleet owner, you can use remote car management to track your logistics fleet. This works by building a mobile app that will help you to track your vehicles. You can employ a tech-savvy person to make the app for you.

The app should work well with a good network in terms of WiFi or mobile data connection. This will help you to schedule and access real-time traffic reports. Even better, the app can also help you monitor your vehicle condition through customized dashboards.

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Another technology you can use to keep up with your logistic fleet is telematics. Telematic trackers will help you monitor your car’s performance or logistics in real time. They will also help you to know your fleet of cars’ location at any given time.

Fleet Management Software

If you own vehicles for hire or rent, you can use fleet management software such as Onro, Motus, and Work Wave Route Manager. The software will help you track your vehicles and data and give you a report of how much they have spent on gas and oil.

The software also helps you to log the miles your fleet has covered, and it will help you to schedule their maintenance schedule. You can even use this software for your containers or trucks in storage.

Satellite Tracking

Another technology that you can use to keep up with your logistics fleet is satellite tracking. You only need access to satellite equipment, computer equipment, and a remote access program. Once you have the three things, you can set up rules for your vehicles to travel unhampered on any route.