Top 5 Programs that Will Enhance Your Teams Experience While Working with You

It is not a secret that teamwork is one of the most critical aspects of success. However, it can be pretty challenging to find programs and tools that will make the team happy while also being efficient and productive.

An employee financial workshop is a great way to get a team excited about the company. It will also help them understand that they are there for their financial wellness and not just make money. More importantly, teaching your employees about how to be money smart, is setting them up for success while working for you. 

This article has compiled a list of 5 programs that are sure to enhance the experience in any team.

It is vital to have work motivation because:

  • Work motivation is a powerful influence on work performance. Motivated employees can be more productive, take fewer breaks and show increased commitment to their employer.
  • Increased productivity leads to better customer service.
  • There will be an increase in sales revenue for the business, making customers happier because they get taken care of quicker.

Keep reading to learn about the best programs that will significantly impact a team’s experience.


Proofhub is a great tool to use for collaborating on documents as well as managing projects. It has all the necessary tools such as CRM, timesheet, and invoicing to make work more efficient.

It is FREE for individuals and businesses with fewer than 12 employees. It also has a mobile app that will make it easy to work on documents from anywhere in the world.


Basecamp is a project management software that supports productivity by providing a system of shared communication and collaboration. It is scalable to fit the needs of any team size with its intuitive design and customizable features. Moreover, one can get it for a low monthly price, and it is beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses.


Slack is one of the best programs because it offers communication, collaboration, and a file-sharing easy-to-use platform. In addition, it has features like threaded messaging and screen sharing that will simplify teamwork with just clicks or taps of their device.

It also provides access to unlimited storage, which can be incredibly beneficial when working on projects together and chat history so one will never lose their messages again.


Additionally, Instagantt is an excellent tool for businesses looking to create digital taskboards with their team. One can use it in many different ways; drag and drop tasks into the order they need to be completed.

It also has a feature called “team chat” that allows one-on-one or group messaging and commenting on tasks, providing feedback, sharing files and links all within one place.

Troop Messenger

Finally, Troop Messenger is another free messaging service that will allow team members to communicate in real-time with others. It has features such as group messages, document sharing, and even voice or video calls, making it very beneficial for teams.

It also allows one to track their time on specific projects because it has an integrated timer feature that will be helpful when billing a client or company.

Value Your Team

The five programs listed above are tools that anyone can use to enhance the experience for any team—educating them on these tools will help them better understand which ones would suit their needs best.