Top 5 Team Collaborations Softwares that Make Managing Your Team Easy and Simple

Improving collaboration between employees can transform your business and maximize operational efficiency. Whether you’re managing teams remotely or in the office, the right collaboration platform can streamline the process and save you time. However, finding the right platform is critical to your success. To find the best tools for your business, take a look at these top five collaboration software options now:

1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office is still the most used office suite but transitioning to Microsoft 365 gives you access to a wide range of collaboration tools. With a professional Office 365 service, you can make the switch simply and easily. Choosing a package that includes Microsoft Teams will boost your collaboration abilities, while still providing employees with familiar and easy-to-use software. What’s more – the in-built security, subscription-based service, and the ability to access the software on Windows, Mac, OS, and Android make it a great option for managing teams who are working from different locations, on different devices. 

2. Asana

If you’re looking for collaboration software that also allows you to track projects and manage workflows, Asana could be a good option. The platform allows you to create boards or lists and add tasks to existing projects, as well as to communicate with colleagues. While Asana does make it easier for teams to collaborate on work, it doesn’t offer as wide a range of communication options as other software. While it may be a good choice for businesses that want to combine project management with collaboration options, there are other communication-based platforms that offer more a wider range of tools. 

3. Podio

Podio is another collaboration software that also offers project management functionality, so bear this in mind if you already have access to task-management software. With Podio, users can collaborate swiftly and easily, share files and request real-time feedback. Known for their user-friendly mobile apps, Podio can be a great choice if most of your team use mobile devices to connect with one another. 

4. Slack

With millions of users around the world, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Slack. If not, it’s an easy-to-use collaboration tools that allows users to send instant messages to one another in real-time. With the option to set up groups and teams, as well as sending direct messages, it makes communication super-easy. Slack also facilitates file sharing and has in-built video call options, so you can collaborate in a number of ways. 

5. Visme

Designed for collaborative presentations, infographics, and reports, Visme can be a useful option for teams that routinely create and publish these types of documents. In-built analytics tools enable users to monitor engagement and the functionality makes it a simple way to share information across your organization. 

Improving In-House Collaboration

To operate with maximum efficiency, employees need to be able to collaborate easily and a digital solution is the most effective way to optimize in-house collaboration. With the option to connect with a colleague in the same room or a co-worker on the other side of the world in real-time, the right collaboration software can transform your teams.