Let’s Try All-SERP!

Recently I became familiar with an automatic tool for scraping the results of different top search engines; ALL-SERP! As far as I know, it supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ask. It has provided high-quality search scrapers or SERP APIs in which search engine results are scraped in real-time and instantly for any keyword, any country, and any language. 

Services of All-SERP:

  • Google search API
  • Yahoo Search API
  • Bing search API
  • DuckDuckGo search API
  • Ask search API

I found All-SERP.com a high-quality tool in which prices are really competitive. Also, it gives 25 free requests to each new user to give a chance to any newcomer to ensure the quality before subscription and money payment. Hence I decided to write some paragraphs about this great search API here. 

All-SERP Google search API is outstanding! 

I used All-SERP Google SERP API many times from the day I found this great automatic tool, at least 5 times a day, and each time over 200 requests. What I found was incredible! 

  • Genuine result: as mentioned on the All-SERP website, its Google search API mimics exactly what a human does. You can be sure what is demonstrated is what the real user sees in Google search. 
  • No latency: All-SERP shows the Google search APIs results in only two seconds. I compared the speed with two other similar tools and it is faster than the others. 
  • CAPTCHA solving procedure: Google search API solves all CAPTCHAs to ensure the correctness of results.
  • Unlimited Google searches: All-SERP allows users to perform unlimited Google searches without any restriction. As you know in manual Google search by human beings, there is a limitation in number. 
  • Reliable data: all provided Google search APIs were true, checked, and verified. It is important for me to get a valid, organic, and accurate result. 
  • Bulk SERP API: I put my high volume requests in a Google spreadsheet file and use it to send the bulk requests to its API.
  • Supports multiple programming languages: its Google search API supports different programming languages and formats including:
  • google search API javascript
  • google search API python
  • google search API PHP
  • google search API c#
  • google search API Java
  • google search API Ruby
  • google search API Go
  • google search API c
  • google search API OCaml
  • google search API Objective-C

Why Google SERP API is very popular & useful!?

Google is a famous provider of services related mainly to the internet, established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the United States of America. In around 23 years, Google has become the authority among various search engines and frankly has surpassed Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Almost all internet users across the globe have tried Google, even the people of Russia where Yandex is their national famous search engine.

To my view, Google is a good online search place where you can find any information you need including webpages, images, videos, news, books, translations, maps and etc. Every day I use it to check the weather, read the latest news, and search for any new keyword I do not know!

No difference whether the user needs some information about how to keep a plant that recently has been bought or a highly professional article about neurology! Google is the most comprehensive source of data worldwide which is available for the whole world as soon as being connected to the internet.

The necessity and significance of Google are common knowledge and obvious for all. All people at any age from kids to adults, with any level of education, and in any country and city of the world can benefit from Google. Google can be described as an unlimited source of online information!

As far as you search a simple word, sentence, or phrase, all websites that have related information to your search are appeared fast, arranged from the highest-ranking website based on Google algorithms on the top of the first page of Google SERP to the lower-ranked sites simultaneously mentioned after that.

In fact, the experience of Google’s quality results for every kind of search and its great algorithms for ranking websites helps us to get the best of search results, mostly better than other similar search engines.

The fame of Google and a large number of people using it has encouraged many services like All-SERP.com to design and improve Google search API or Google search scraper. 

Google search API is only one part of All-SERP’s facilities!

As I mentioned before, despite most users are in search of Google SERP APIs, still many need other search engine APIs. I found other search engine scrapers in All-SERP.com too:

  • Yahoo search API: no need to introduce Yahoo as we all have experienced it. However, I think it is not as famous as it was before and Google has replaced it somehow. 

Yahoo search API of All-SERP was also professional, rapid, accurate, and precise. It is the second most used search API for me after Google search API.   

  • Bing search API: One of the popular services of All-SERP is Bing search API which is designed to scrap the Bing search engine and collect any amount of information that the user wants to get from Bing in only a few seconds. 

Bing Search API is a fabulous tool, searching all the result pages of Bing for the user. My experience was:

  • No latency in providing the results. 
  • It solved all captchas including images and Recaptcha.
  • Its Bing search API supports a distributed smart adaptive IP rotation using machine learning methods.
  • All-SERP Bing search API rotates all requests with distributed hardware-based rotations on packet-level to avoid any blocking challenges as mentioned in All-SERP. 
  • Its supports multiple programming languages including Bing search API Javascript, Bing search API python, Bing search API PHP, Bing search API c#, Bing search API Java, Bing search API Ruby, Bing search API go, Bing search API c, Bing search API Ocaml, Bing search API Objective-C.
  • DuckDuckGo search API: as I know DuckDuckGo persists in providing a real private environment for all users, not just claiming as others do! 

As many of you may be unfamiliar with DuckDuckGo, let’s talk a little more about it. 

As mentioned in DuckDuckGo, privacy should be provided for all internet users as they deserve it. DuckDuckGo does not let companies access the user’s private information unless the user agrees. 

It strongly disagrees with the impossibility of internet privacy what most people believe in. 

Privacy is accessible according to DuckDuckGo. Do not worry, safely search in DuckDuckGo and be sure that you are not tracked; your data and search history are not stored so no private information is available to sell to companies. It tries to set a new standard of trust online. 

DuckDuckGo compares itself with Google in one of its slogans as “Google tracks you. We don’t.” Unlike Google that tracks users to use their information for ads, there is no tracking and no ad targeting in DuckDuckGo.

All-SERP also has provided an extremely professional and fast DuckDuckGo search API for users to get organic and real search results! 

  • Ask search API: Ask is the common name for the Ask.com search engine, which allows users to perform a search in the form of a question to find relevant results.

The site is popular with Internet users, despite competition from other search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Ask search API is another search scraper of All-SERP which tracks and scrapes Ask search engine precisely and in real-time, solving all captchas including images and Recaptcha to get organic and real results. 

I wish a wonderful experience in All-SERP for you, just like mine! 

I recommend ALL-SERP to you as one of the Digital Marketing and IT pioneers providing a wide range of services to its customers. 

SERP APIs (Google search API, Yahoo search API, Bing search API, DuckDuckGo search API, Ask search APIs) is novel services that have been greatly welcomed by me and many other clients worldwide. 

Different pricing plans are available in All-SERP with different rates and numbers of requests. Small team and enterprise have 5000 and 15000 requests and supports 5 search engines of Google, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo, and yahoo.

Also, it has a plan which gives 25 requests to each new user free of charge that supports Google and Bing. First I tried this option and as it was perfect I decided to buy its other packages.