Productive Ways to Collect Donor Data Effortlessly

We all understand the complexity involved in running a non-profit organization. Having an extensive donor data list stimulates the successful working of the organization. The database helps in building a strong relationship with the donors. 

Especially when you have access to relevant information such as birthdays and anniversaries, it can advocate for a better and meaningful relationship with the donor. The mantra is clear! Value them for donating and please them with mindful gifts. 

But before getting into such details, how can we make a list of powerful and potential donors? Here are some points that can help,

Contact collection tools 

There are multiple tools to find the new list of contacts for you and keep a tab on them all. You can choose to prospect a research company or hire an independent consultant to find the connections for you. Begin with the list of people who have already made some donations or were considering donating.

Then search for political contacts for donations, real estate owners is also staunch candidates for charitable giving. One way to find potential associations is through email search engines like It can fetch any professional email address within no time. This website is also a Linkedin email extractor, so finding emails through the professional platform becomes easy.

Fundraising database

One of the most efficient ways to collect information is through funds raisings and events. People are more than willing to participate and have a little fun while considering donating to the cause. Organize evening parties or activities events to gather people from different industries.

While organizing the attractions, collect information from them either by giving them a form or assertively interacting with the potential clients. The fundraising campaigns are simple. They are all about conducting an event, gathering information from the donors, and processing the payments made during the act.

Matching gifts

It is to encourage corporate philanthropy amongst all kinds of companies. But what are matching gifts, you ask? Matching gifts is nothing but a giving program wherein when an employee contributes to a non-profit organization, the employer pays double to the same cause. 

However, the employee needs to provide all the details about the contribution to their employer. Corporate resources are the most underutilized ones when it comes to collecting contacts as well as donations. Utilize their philanthropy with a matching gifts program.

Short surveys

Short surveys have a higher response rate than compared to others. It is a comprehensive way to collect all the information you need to create the donor’s data. Nevertheless, be wary while devising the survey and avoid lengthy questionnaires. People will not be interested in the inquiry that has more than 15 questions.

Try to keep it as simple and to the point as possible. And inform them about the benefits of answering the questions and how it will help the cause. Be strategic about the questionnaire. Ask them about their areas of interest, why they care about the cause, and how much do they resonate with your organization.