How Zoom is being implemented for IT companies

Zoom has skyrocketed in the past 2 years due to Coronavirus, particularly for US computer software companies who are typically using the app the most. People have been using Zoom to carry on with their work and keep in touch with others during these difficult times. Despite the world getting back to normal, the app appears to be here to stay for some companies as they have grown to love the app and its features.

You may be wondering how Zoom is being used by IT companies (since the app is commonly used by them) and whether implementing Zoom is a good or bad thing for these organizations. 

This guide covers those questions, so keep reading to find out the answers. 

What is Zoom exactly? 

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Zoom is a video communications app that enables users to video call each other. People have been using it to stay in touch with loved ones and work colleagues during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Why are companies still using Zoom?

With the vaccines rolling out and restrictions being lifted, most organizations have returned to normal work life and Zoom has become a thing of the past for them. However, certain companies have chosen to keep Zoom around as the app has proven to be very convenient and useful for them. 

Benefits of zoom

IT companies can reap many benefits by implementing Zoom in the workplace, for example:

  • You can host conferences with large audiences
  • Meetings can be streamed on Facebook
  • Money can be saved since Zoom is free
  • The platform is compatible with Google calendar support 
  • It is good for all sized businesses 
  • The app is simple to use

Disadvantages of Zoom

Although the app has many favorable attributes, all things come with cons, for example:

  • Zoom has add-ons that can be a nuisance at times
  • The free version has limited features
  • There is no comment control
  • People can crash your conference call (this is known as ‘zoombombing’)
  • You have to pay for HD video

How are IT companies using Zoom?

Zoom is useful for many work-related tasks, the most common ones being webinars and meetings. IT support workers can use Zoom to communicate with CEO’s, managers and clients if they have to be away from the workplace due to certain circumstances like illness or self-isolation.  

Is Zoom a step forward for IT companies? 

Zoom can be a positive addition for IT companies due to the level of connection and convenience the app provides, however, new research has demonstrated that too much virtual working is negatively correlated with productivity (that means the more you use Zoom, the more your productivity plummets). The study concluded that excessive online meetings cost companies roughly $1,250 per employee!

Of course, the key question that needs addressing here is when do Zoom calls become excessive? The study doesn’t say but IT companies ought to make note of this information otherwise they run the risk of wasting both money and employee talent. 

To Summarize,

Overall, Zoom is a great tool for an IT company to implement but they may need to set a limit on the number of Zoom calls that are being made in and around the workplace.