How CEOs Can Help Employees Embrace Automation

With incredible advancements in technology and increasing fields opening up in these fields, it’s important for business owners to know not only how to implement these new technologies into their own field of work to promote productivity, but also how they can help their employees feel more comfortable with them. New technology comes in a variety of different faces. Automation’s purpose is to be interactive with its user, but more importantly be user friendly. This being said, if you haven’t grown up with these kinds of technologies, it can be hard to get the hang of it at first. So, here’s 3 ways CEOs and executives can help their employees embrace automation.

1.      Look for the learning curve. 

If you see a particular employee struggling with their device, help them individually. Eventually they should get the hang of it and be able to increase their efficiency and effectiveness because of the new device, but if that seems to be hard for them, they might require a little more attention. If they still aren’t getting it, have them try to teach someone else. Many times, people who feel insecure about an inability won’t speak up if they don’t understand something. Because of this, if they don’t understand what you’re trying to explain, they won’t make it known. But if they’re in charge of teaching someone else, they’ll relay the information that they already know and bolster it in their own mind. Then, when they don’t know how to perform a function, you can then explain that function and pinpoint where the disconnect is.

2.      Have detailed training seminars. 

Unlike number 1, it’s important that you use your time as an executive as efficiently as circumstance permits. This being said, it would be more beneficial for you if you can train the masses before having to focus on one employee that is struggling. So, the best order of operations in this instance would be to have a mass training seminar on these new automations and then to hope that if one of the employees is struggling with a certain aspect of the system, that another employee would be able to help them with that application. Therein, you aren’t required to use your time and are able to delegate some of the responsibilities that you already have. Training seminars are one of the best ways to effectively communicate with your employees.

3.      Use automation effectively. 

I realize this is a broad statement. Essentially, these advancements in technology have been created to enhance the work experience instead of complicate it. If you see that this addition has caused more conflict and stress than increase in efficiency, you may want to rethink the application of your automation. Going back to the essence of automation, it should increase the effectiveness of your employees. It should not take their place or fulfill a task that they themselves would be able to do just as fast if not faster. But, if automation is used effectively, the workers will then embrace it more warmly, because it not only makes their lives easier, but will increase their output.