The Danger of Modern Cyber Attacks

Ever since the internet was created there have been people attempting to abuse it. It’s been a constant battle of back and forth between defenders and attackers since. Malware will advance, new attacks will be found, but antiviruses will evolve and encryption becomes more powerful. For a while this process was relatively stable, likely favoring the defender in most contexts.

Recently this has changed. A focus on cybersecurity – cyber attacks have been on the rise since 2020 in just about every metric. They are more common, more dangerous, and more quick to act. Detecting a breach in security can take nearly 300 days, intruding and attacking takes 15. Tools for threat detection are unreliable and weaker than ever, but why?

Network security’s savior, in many ways, has been encryption. Although attackers are also quickly realizing it can be its downfall. Today 70% of networks are dark space, in other words it’s hidden to typical firewalls and routers. This has created the perfect venue for attacks to occur within. Encrypted traffic threats are harder to track, harder to detect, and more dangerous overall.

Most businesses simply don’t have the tools to deal with these kinds of attacks. Now luckily, the defenses do exist. As the attacks evolved so did the defenses with more detailed tracking and more comprehensive encrypted monitoring. Yet these can be hard to implement, the back and forth ultimately evolves quicker than most businesses can keep up with. It’s not that the attacks are impossible to avoid, that makes modern cyber attacks scary. It’s that a good defense becomes outdated quicker and quicker every year. Staying safe is harder than ever, all one can do is stay up to date.
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