Common Problems with Sharepoint Migrations

There are many common sharepoint migration problems, and it’s important to know what they are in order to prevent them from occurring. These sharepoint migration issues can cause a lot of damage if not addressed properly. The following is a list of some of the most common problems with sharepoint migrations:

Unapproved Documents

When you migrate to a different sharepoint, it is likely that the workflow of your system will change too. This means that things like check-in and check-out may have been removed from the workflow entirely or just changed. Check-out is used when checking out documents from a folder in order to edit them, but if this is no longer a part of the workflow, it may be difficult to prevent users from checking in unauthorized documents. This is one of the most common problems with sharepoint migrations and one of the most dangerous.

Poor Communication

When you are migrating data, there is always a risk of things going wrong. If the system crashes or loses information halfway through the process, this means that some users will be left with missing information forever. This can cause serious problems in many places, including incorrect billing and faulty reporting. Communication between team members who handle the migration is very important in order to avoid these problems.

Wrong Permissions

Having incorrect sharepoint permissions can lead to many problems, including viruses and malware. If you are migrating data without first checking the correct permissions on folders, it is likely that some files will either be inaccessible or easily accessed by unauthorized users. This can result in unapproved documents being changed and even more serious issues like hacking attempts.

Poor Performance

When you migrate your data to a different sharepoint, it is possible to lose some of the speed in which the system works. Documents may open much more slowly than they did when they were on your old system or it may take several seconds for them to open at all. This can be very annoying and costly if you are trying to get work done.

Incomplete Projects

If a project manager is not available during the migration process, it may be difficult to know whether the entire system has been migrated or just individual documents have been migrated. This can lead to incomplete projects and bad data being sent to accounting. It’s important that someone is there to oversee a sharepoint workflow to sharepoint migration services project plan for this not to occur.

Exceptions Not Handled Properly

If the migration is not complete when you are trying to change documents in sharepoint, it’s likely that exceptions will be thrown. This can be problematic if no one notices them and they stack up until they eventually cause the entire system to crash. Handling all exceptions properly is necessary for successful migrations.

Unapproved Change Requests

If change requests are made without being approved, it can cause a lot of damage to a sharepoint buy. If these documents enter the workflow process sharepoint design tips and tricks, they will result in incomplete deliverables that may have already been accepted by the client. These changes can be very expensive for your company to fix if not caught early enough.

Incorrect Databases

Incorrectly aligning databases can cause a lot of damage to your company and is not always detectable before the project is complete. In order to prevent this from occurring, sharepoint migration services project managers should have knowledge about data warehouse design. A poorly designed data warehouse causes frustration for users, delayed deliveries, and even loss of revenue sharepoint buy sharepoint. Being well prepared for any migration should be preceeded by a technical SEO audit of your website and site inventories in order to know and understand the current status.

In conclusion, there are many sharepoint migration problems that can happen when a company works with a sharepoint developer support engineer to complete a share point buy. Some of these issues include the wrong databases, incomplete projects and incorrect permissions. When troubleshooting any issue make sure you handle it properly because it could damage your business processes resulting in damage to the company’s reputation. Managed information technology services like AIS should be able to help you with any sharepoint migration problems that may occur. For more information on AIS and their services, visit today!