Jason Hughes Offers Design Suggestions for Modern San Diego Offices

It’s a strange time for the modern workplace. Many businesses that suddenly had to shut down two years ago due to COVID are now bringing people back. Employers like Jason Hughes are using the opportunity to make improvements at his San Diego location. It’s becoming a delicate balancing act, since due to COVID-19 pandemic, some employees only want to come back for a limited amount of time, and others are requesting more accommodations, everything from shifted schedules to clear and enforced social distancing strategies.

Successful CEO Jason Hughes believes that the design of an office is vital. Everything from colors to shapes can influence productivity and creativity and help or hinder overall culture. With COVID still on people’s minds, safety is also a valid concern.

Some of the strategies Jason Huges advocates (and even puts to use) include:

  • Adding artwork. This is a simple yet effective way to create a good vibe. Art could be something that gets people smiling. It can fit an overall décor theme, or it would be something fun and cheery. In the wrong hands or the wrong type of art can make people feel confused or uncertain. Businesses in San Diego are already adding artwork within their working environments.
  • Adding a collaborative space. For Jason Hughes, there’s something special about humans being able to brainstorm in person. It can be done so-so via Zoom, but everyone being together in the same room adds a special dynamic to throwing out ideas. Jason Hughes encourages companies to create lounges, kitchens or game rooms where people can converge.
  • Adding open space for exercise. Some companies try to squeeze in a fitness machine into a tiny room and call it a gym, but this format isn’t that exciting. Plus, only one person can access it at a time. If a company is up for making larger facility changes, consider a wellness area. This can include a few machines like treadmills, a space for yoga/stretching, and a spot for relaxation.

Although COVID-19 pandemic was a negative experience for so many all around the world, it did create opportunities for employers. Overall, successful business owners like Jason Hughes from San Diego take steps to make their workplaces more appealing and welcoming, starting with design.