5 Reasons Cybersecurity Should Be Your Top Priority in 2022

Cybersecurity, cybersecurity, cybersecurity. The term has been used so often that it is easy to assume that it has lost its potency. In the world of businesses and consumers, cybersecurity should be a top priority in 2022 and here’s why:

1. Your Data Can Be Stolen From an Encrypted Device

Encryption is the closest thing we have to cybersecurity-proof technology. Unless you are trying to protect your information from governments with extreme resources, which would require a ridiculously thorough level of encryption, there isn’t really any other way for your information to be truly protected from hackers.

Everything from laptops to tablets can have their hard drives or connected storage devices protected by encryption, making sure that even if your device was hacked into it wouldn’t reveal anything important. Imagine if the files on your hard drive were hidden and you couldn’t see or access them regardless of how much effort someone put into breaking through your cybersecurity.

2. Cybercrime Damages Will Quadruple

According to a study conducted by Juniper Research, cybersecurity damage costs are predicted to nearly quadruple by 2022! This shows that cybersecurity is more than just something we should be wary of. It might soon be a full-blown threat. It isn’t exactly easy for cybersecurity experts to keep up with cybersecurity threats, so customers won’t always have what they need at their disposal. Luckily, there’s an answer: take cybersecurity into your own hands and encrypt your devices and storage drives. If cybersecurity experts and corporations can’t properly protect us from cybersecurity threats, we might have to take cybersecurity into our own hands.

3. The Cybersecurity Job Market Will Double 

The cybersecurity industry is booming, and it cannot be stopped. In 2022 alone, cybersecurity experts predict that 1 million cybersecurity jobs will need to be filled- and this is a conservative estimate! This means there’s a chance for employment for everyone from cybersecurity experts to colleges offering cybersecurity degrees. This also means that companies are struggling to find qualified professionals who can keep their companies safe from cyberattacks. 

To solve this, companies may turn to universities or offer more scholarship opportunities so they can lure the brightest young minds before someone else does. Another solution could be massive cybersecurity courses available online with video lectures and course material available free of charge if you know where to look.

4. Companies Can Expect Cybersecurity Budget Increases 

Typically, cybersecurity costs more than most companies want it to- and this is understandable. Who wants to shell out money on cybersecurity when we don’t need it? However, cybersecurity costs are expected to skyrocket- which means that soon enough cybersecurity will be just as big of a priority for CEOs and managers depending on their industry. 

In fact, by 2022 cybersecurity budgets could spike 30 percent every year! The current average cybersecurity cost per company is $7 million each year. It wouldn’t be surprising if this number continued to rise and approached $10 billion in the next 5 years alone, according to the Cybersecurity Market Report . This isn’t about some old fogey in cybersecurity predicting doom and gloom- this is logical.

5. You Need Cybersecurity to Compete

In 2022, cybersecurity will be a must for companies that want to get ahead of the curve. In fact, cybersecurity is something that every company should have if they hope to stay afloat in today’s market. If you’re wondering why cybersecurity affects your budget so much, it’s because cybersecurity may soon become a basic necessity of doing business!

Imagine a world where no one cared about cybersecurity or cyberdefense- where would all of the big corporations be? What if Amazon suffered a cybersecurity attack? Or even worse, what if Amazon failed to stop a cybersecurity attack from happening at all? Customers would go elsewhere, and Amazon might never recover without enough cybersecurity in place to defend their cybersecurity.

With cybersecurity in mind, it’s easy to see how cybersecurity affects everyone and not just big companies. According to the Cybersecurity Market Report, small businesses face cybersecurity threats at least 10x larger than large enterprises. This means that cybersecurity should be a top priority for any business- no matter its size!