5 Steps to Protect Your Business Against Malware and Viruses

The malware you can get onto your computer is getting more and more sophisticated. Every so often there seems to be a new type of malware that spreads throughout the internet, infecting computers which have not been up to date with their malware protection software.

These viruses are something that every business will have to face at some point. Some malware attacks can actually cause serious damage to your business and could cost thousands of dollars in data loss. The following are 5 steps to protect your business against malware and viruses:

1. Always run updated software  

One of the most important things you can do for malware protection is to keep all of the programs on your computer updated. You should do this for all software, including the operating system, web browsers, antivirus engines, malware protection programs, and any other security applications.

2. Perform malware scans  

Perform malware scans on a regular basis to detect malware that has evaded your antivirus program or has not been seen before by the antivirus company. It’s also a good idea to perform malware scans on removable media before you open any files.

3. Back up  

Make sure that you are backing up your data frequently to prevent malware from destroying it or encrypting it so that you won’t be able to access the backup copy. If malware gets into your system, then you can restore a clean backup in a matter of minutes.

4. Be cautious when opening attachments

Many malware attacks are launched via email. You should be very careful about what types of files you download and open; even if you receive an email from someone that you know, malware can disguise itself as something that person would send to you. You should be especially cautious when using cloud storage services; malware can encrypt your files and demand a payment in order for you to get them back.

5. Consider the source

Never download malware protection software from unknown or untrustworthy websites, and never click on suspicious links that could potentially be malware even if it comes from someone that you know.

An IT company can help with malware protection by monitoring your system for malware and viruses, as well as the malware protection installed on your computer. If malware does find its way into your system they will be able to remove it before it causes any damage. They will also be able to update your malware protection software for you and ensure that it is working properly. Don’t wait to hire an IT company before malware affects your business. If you would like to learn more about malware protection, contact AIS.