Emergency Steps When You Have a Site-Wide Computer Crash

Computer crashes are far too common in the modern workplace, and they’re a significant issue. Did you know that a business can reach up to 87 hours of downtime per year? A huge portion of this time is down to computers crashing and delaying daily work progress. 

Things are bad enough when only one computer crashes – but what if you have a site-wide catastrophe? It increases downtime, ruins your profit potential, and can cost a lot of money. 

With that in mind, here are some emergency steps you need to have when a site-wide computer crash is upon you:

Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer is the easiest way of solving any crash issues. There is some science behind this; when you reboot a computer, a combination of things happen. This includes flushing the RAM and removing temporary files, which basically helps to clear the cobwebs and can remove the issue that caused the crash. 

It only takes a minute, and it can solve your problem right away. 

Check for Overheating

Many computer crashes stem from system overheating, which typically happens when the PC is forced to do too much. There’s a good chance this is your issue if the CPU/fan system noise is excessively loud. 

Yes, there should be some noise, but if it sounds like a plane is taking off, the system is overheating and the fans are trying to compensate by blowing extremely fast and hard to cool it down. 

If your computer is overheating, you may need to check the thermal solution installation or clean out any dust. Check to see if your PC still sounds loud and crashes to know if you’ve solved the problem. 

Keep Track of Errors

Your PC may go through various errors whenever crashes happen. You need to keep track of any errors that come about before or during a crash. 

In doing this, you can search for the error codes online to find troubleshooting solutions. Or, you can quote them when getting help from an expert, helping them find a fast solution. 

Upgrade Your Hardware and Software

A lot of the time, computer crashes happen because either the software or hardware is out of date. Old hardware can struggle to contend with the amount of work you’re doing or the number of active processes. Upgrading to modern versions will solve the issue and prevent a crash. 

Likewise, old software has a similar problem of dealing with the modern demands of a computer system. Firstly, ensure all your software is updated, then upgrade any that’s too old and has newer and better versions to call upon. 

Take Preventative Action with an IT Company

Of course, you need to take preventative action for cybersecurity by hiring an IT company to help prevent and handle any computer crashes. With an expert IT company working alongside your business, you will have a team that can handle backup recovery and ongoing maintenance. 

This means that the chances of crashes decrease, and the consequences of any crashes are not as grave for your business.