The Best Ways To Be Comfortable When Confined in Bed Rest

For some reason, when you’re in bed and can’t get up, your mind starts to take over and make things worse. You begin to think about the uncomfortable mattress providing no support for your back or how there isn’t enough room because all of the equipment has taken over. While it’s essential to be aware of these potential problems, you need to focus on solutions. Keep reading for some of the best ways to stay comfortable.

Have a Comfortable Mattress

Having a custom memory foam mattress is essential to your comfort when confined to bed rest. The mattress should be firm but not too hard. Also, think about whether you would like a pillow top or extra padding on the sides for side sleepers. Also, make sure there is no sagging in the center of the bed that might cause parts of your body to go numb while sleeping.

Have a Side Table Where You Can Put Your Food and Medications

Side tables are beneficial in the bedroom. If you do not have one, tables are inexpensive and easy to find at any store or online. You can use it for several things such as your phone charger, food, medications, and anything else you would like within reach while lying down on your bed.

Purchasing or making your good bedside table  can be well worth it. For example, you can place your meds and any drinks you might want close without needing help getting up and going somewhere else in the room. It also makes eating less complicated since everything will already be within reach instead of balancing food while seated at a dining room table. If someone has trouble walking, this task becomes difficult, potentially spilling drinks all over the floor and losing food.

Side tables are also good options for the elderly and people recovering from surgery or illness. For instance, if someone has just had hip replacement surgery, it would be challenging to get up and walk around since even standing might cause discomfort or pain in the joints, making you want to lie back down again once you manage to stand up.

In addition to making life easier for those recovering from surgery or illness, it makes things much simpler for the caregiver since you will not have to constantly get up and down throughout the day to help your loved one with whatever needs assistance.

Have Entertainment Close By – Books, TV, Phone, a New Hobby

These will help pass the time and distract you from feeling bored or anxious. You can also take up a new hobby while you’re bedridden, such as knitting or crochet. You can also Hum a tune as it improves your breathing and reduces stress.

Be Positive

To be most comfortable when confined to bed rest, it is crucial to stay positive. This will help ease the pain and discomfort due to being on your back for long periods. In addition, research shows that being positive can also lead to better immune system function, reducing the chances of getting an infection while in bed.

There are many ways to make your bed rest or time in the hospital more comfortable. Some of these include having a comfortable mattress, keeping entertainment nearby, and being positive.