Why So Much Attention Is Being Placed On Pinterest Ads

The business environment in our highly competitive world is exemplified in medium to small sized businesses that are trying their best to compete with larger companies and corporations when it comes to placing ads on television, sending out printed advertisements, and even using paper click as a form of advertising on the search engines such as Google. There is one particular platform that has become an outlier that has risen in popularity – this is the world of social media. In the beginning, or at least traditionally, older buying demographics would focus primarily on Facebook advertising, whereas those in a younger demographic would’ve focused on twitter.

The Massive And Explosive Growth Of Pinterest

The growth of Pinterest has been astounding, a platform that is getting more interest every day. Running ads on Pinterest has become very popular, bridging the gap between traditional advertising and advertisers (Pinterest users, those that were 25 years old or younger group very fast in Q2 2020, plus there were also American moms who consisted of 80% of those using the platform) – as well as the vast number of products that were presented via the graphic nature of Pinterest (roughly 250 billion pins have been saved by those using the platform in just over 10 years since the inception of Pinterest as a business) which seems to offer a unique opportunity – specifically with those that have an e-commerce platform, or those that are selling services or using lead generation.

ROI And Pinterest Ads

It has been shown that, on average, Pinterest users will spend double the time on the platform than users of the Internet do every year which is why it has gained traction as an advertising channel. Pinterest ads are very cost effective, particularly when you compare them to more popular social media platforms for advertising – you can see a massive payoff when you use Pinterest ads. It has also been discussed that nearly 70% more people are more likely to convert when they see advertisements on this platform.

If you are one of the many people considering Pinterest as an advertising platform, you should look at recent statistics regarding sales and users. Initially, while the other social media sites have reached proverbial maturity, Pinterest continues to show exponential growth in terms of the sheer volume of users that are on the platform. This is a platform that is much younger than all of the standard social media sites that people use – however, back in 2020, when they only had roughly 300 million active users, things have changed. They now have over 450 million users –  this is more than Twitter and Snapchat combined.

Companies that are exporting products, Pinterest offers a very unique advertising platform. 50% of those that are Pinterest users are not in the United States of America.

Why Pinterest Advertising Can Be Challenging

There is one particular challenge that is unique to Pinterest because of these statistics. This is primarily due to what are called conversion cycles, and these tend to be much longer with Pinterest than any other social media platform. There is also the issue of attribution in regard to the origin of the sales that are made. Careful forethought must be administered before setting up these campaigns – refining your advertising campaigns is what presents the unique challenge.

Why You Should Get Expert Help For Pinterest Ads

Although many new tools have been provided by Pinterest in recent months, primarily focused on making the entire experience better for users – what they are experiencing is that it is better to have expert help for those that really do want to leverage this platform to generate more sales. Some of the tools look very promising, yet they were born out of this rapid evolution that we have all seen with Pinterest, and using them can be helpful if you are trying to feed traffic into sales funnels.

However, it is this same rapid evolution that makes these tools very confusing for first-time users – it also makes using outside help much more attractive. A business like pins4profit.com can come to the rescue of people in these situations, as well as utilizing Lindsay Shearer – the advice that you will receive will be very helpful toward understanding how to concentrate your marketing budget in certain ways. It also allows the people spending the money to understand how it will impact them much more clearly.

Lindsay Shearer references the fact that the Pinterest algorithm is maturing, and because of this, the advertising platform does require some maintenance on the part of the advertiser. Shearer also mentions that Pinterest advertising can be challenging for many businesses. Examples include those that are looking for beachwear, primarily because summer is approaching. Traditional companies can immediately target people during the summer to purchase the products. However, when people are using Pinterest to determine what type of swimwear they would like to use, this is often done months before the actual summer season. It’s this delay which makes choosing a marketing campaign so much more difficult with Pinterest.

Why Pinterest Is Very Different

When talking about Pinterest, the term ‘Cost Per Million Impressions’ will arise, something that is similar but very different from CPC on Google, as well as when discussing attracting consumers through social media platforms. Although traffic on Pinterest can be more than two times less expensive, there are still problems which you will not see on Facebook.

To understand this, you need to know that 98% of those that are using Pinterest have already looked at the service or product on Pinterest before you advertise it – and you are likely targeting people that have certain interests like DIY, cooking, and other interests. 66% of those that are using Pinterest spend their time looking up information on services and products. From the perspective of a smaller business, 97% of all searches that do occur on Pinterest are not related to a brand name, which means when users are searching for services and products, and they are not looking for big brands this can be problematic – it can also increase their potential for penetrating their targeted market.

You can leverage this increasingly popular advertising platform and supercharge your sales at a much lower cost than you could get at Google or Facebook, but you still need to utilize other services that can help including pins4profit.com – you should also talk with experts like Lindsay Shearer. If you decide not to do this, you are simply not taking advantage of the growing user base of Pinterest or how rapidly people are becoming successful with their advertising platform – simply stated, when people use this platform, especially with advertising, it can truly influence a buyer’s decision-making process.