Want to Grow a Photography Business? Look Beyond the Picture

If you’ve got a tech-savvy DSLR and an eye to capture aesthetically pleasing images, it is not difficult to make a career out of photography. However, sustaining and developing this business requires a commercial approach. It was found that around 60 percent of photographers are unable to last after one year and by the end of the second year another 25 percent of photographers drop out because of no business. 

If you wish to grow your photography business, then you must look beyond the photographs. Indeed, you must be an artistic and creative person, but at the end of the day, it is all commerce. You have to sell what you capture. Here are some pro tips for you that will help you to not only grow but become a reputable photographer in San Diego

Press the start button

Like every other business, there is the first day for everything. If you want to get on your feet and establish your name in the industry, you will have to take a leap of faith and get started. For starters, you won’t need to invest in equipment and expensive accessories. All you must be looking for is to get the gigs that would increase your clientele. And for this, there is no better place than social media and the internet. Create your online presence and make your website. It would make you look professional and would give you an edge over amateurs. Moreover, start marketing yourself. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Get noticed and start your journey.

Take baby steps to climb the stairs

Everything needs a concrete foundation before you build up a huge structure on it. If the foundation is weak, your whole structure will collapse one day or the other. You don’t have to rush things. If you are a single person who is starting this venture, then it is a known truth that you won’t be able o take up big events. Instead of eyeing down those galas target the niche. Go for small events, like birthdays or a family gathering, etc. Offer fashion photography, portfolio shoots, and themed photography, this way you’ll be heading to working with a larger client base and will be able to make your name. All in all, once you become a well-known photographer, you won’t have to stay small. 

Strengthen your networking

Networking is a key to success for any business. Yes, by making your account and getting connected with big businesses on networking sites like LinkedIn will give you some boost. But you will have to be creative. Organize a photography competition or an event that will give you a chance to engage with people from a variety of backgrounds. This way you won’t only be able to cash out your potential clients, but you will be able to choose like-minded people who can become a part of your team. If you are fearing, that you don’t have much investment to organize huge events like these, then worry not because you can always use sponsors and companies who are looking to market themselves by investing in your idea. This way, you will not only be marketing others but you will be creating a brand for yourself as well and will increase your networking.

Play smart with extra money

When you are doing business, the smartest approach is to roll in your money into your business and grow it. SO, if you are earning extra, don’t lose this investment by partying or on extravagance. Instead, advance it. If you don’t have your studio, rent one. If you need some extra equipment to cater to your photography needs, instead of renting them, buy those. And then give that equipment on a rental basis. Moreover, as you’ll be growing your team, instead of hiring skilled photographers and paying them huge salaries, spend your time in training the newbie who is looking for an opportunity.  Small smart investments like these would start adding up into a huge enterprise.

The outcome from the tips given above may require you to work hard for a year or two but laying a strong foundation will surely be fruitful in the long term.