Professional Domestic Cleaners Vs Smart House Gadgets – Is Technology Winning?

There are many advantages to hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of your home. They take a massive weight off your shoulders by managing your property when you don’t have enough time to do it yourself. Just like in many other industries, technology is making waves and the cleaning industry is no different. But will technology take over from humans and if so, when?

Professional Cleaners

Experienced domestic cleaners like Vapor Clean in Bristol are in high demand for a reason, especially during the pandemic as homes and offices want the absolute best cleaning services. Leading residential cleaning companies provide exceptional cleaning services and go above and beyond to ensure clients are happy with their services. Below we will take a look at some of the benefits of using a professional cleaning service to handle a messy home.

  • First-class Service – When you pay professional cleaners to come to your home, you get the chance to experience a first-class service. They’ll go above and beyond to ensure your property is left in immaculate condition. They’ll bring all the right cleaning equipment, products, and tools to get the job done right.
  • Attention to Detail – An eagle-eyed cleaner will pay attention to detail. If they aren’t happy with certain aspects of the bathroom or bedroom, they’ll go over it again to get the desired result.
  • Successful System – They’ll have a checklist of things to do to ensure they don’t double over any areas.

A professional cleaning company has many advantages and we have just given a short sample of some of them.

Technological Innovations

Most of us know the benefits of having a professional take care of our home, but what does technology have to offer, and will we soon be seeing robots and other automated machines do all the work? The waste management industry has introduced all sorts of useful tech and gadgets, will the cleaning industry follow suit?

Here are some gadgets that clean your home while you sit around and watch.

  • Robot Vacuums – Automated robot vacuums can be programmed to clean all over your home without you having to lift a finger.
  • Robot Mop – There are robot mops on the market that can get to hard to reach areas and give your home a good clean.
  • Automated Carpet Cleaner – Many homeowners have fallen in love with automated carpet cleaners. It automatically sprays, brushes, and suctions dirt off the surface.


We all know that home hygiene is incredibly important, but are humans no longer needed for domestic cleaning purposes? Although there are some useful devices on the market, domestic cleaners won’t be losing their jobs anytime soon.

There are lots of cool new gadgets and devices on the market to help us keep our homes cleaner and healthier. But there are just some things automated robots and other devices cannot do. Most of the products on the market look good but they aren’t that useful or convenient. In reality, they are a long way away from matching the services of a professional company.