How Education Businesses Can Help Start New Careers

Education businesses provide many exciting career options for individuals looking for something different. Not only can these ventures provide rewarding and lucrative jobs for all types of people from diverse backgrounds but they are also often highly rewarding experiences themselves.

Offering tutoring services to students needing help in specific subjects is another simple and low-investment way of building your business.

Online Courses

No matter the goal – teaching or expanding business skills – many professionals turn to online learning for help in meeting their objectives, especially with the help of international students. Its flexible nature allows them to fit learning around their busy lives while progressing at their own pace.

According to the Emeritus 2021 Global Career Impact Survey, students’ primary motivation for enrolling in higher education is career advancement – coursework being directly relevant to daily duties makes this an effective means of accomplishing just this goal.

Students enrolled in asynchronous courses that offer self-paced lessons are free to watch their videos and complete assignments from any location – whether at home, a coffee shop, or the workplace.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring provides all of the benefits associated with traditional face-to-face tutoring without geographical limitations or cost restrictions. Furthermore, its cost effectiveness makes it a viable alternative. However, to ensure its effectiveness it is imperative that any potential online tutoring businesses undertake rigorous vetting processes prior to signing any contracts with them.

Paper provides virtual, on-demand tutoring to school districts through virtual platforms like Skype. Their tutors report experiencing surges of up to twelve students at once!

An online tutoring environment typically uses discussion technology that enables both tutors and learners to engage in discussions on topics selected by an e-moderator, who may also provide learners with a forum where they can post questions and receive feedback from peers.

Online Coaching

Online coaching is an effective way for students to maximize their scholastic potential. Unlike traditional methods, this platform enables them to connect with tutors at any time of day – eliminating travel-related hassle and saving one or two hours per session!

Coaching services, courses and digital products can all provide additional income streams. One such platform is Heights Platform which features community building and membership tools for creating online mastermind groups. Plus it’s simple to use with features that enable students to form stronger bonds among themselves – something Heights Platform does effortlessly!


DoorDash merchants can take advantage of discounts on various products and services to make running their businesses more efficiently, such as health-care access via Sesame (a cash-pay marketplace for in-person and virtual primary care and mental health services); Breathwrk (personal health-monitoring app); and 40% or more off EdApp by SafetyCulture, an online training platform.

DoorDash also provides a six-week business education program called DoorDash Accelerator for Local Goods that empowers early stage consumer packaged goods (CPG) entrepreneurs by offering them a $5,000 grant towards their businesses and marketing and sales support from DoorDash.

The pilot project took place in Chicago, New York City and Washington DC.


CommerceIQ and Instacart have joined forces to offer CIQ Advertising for Instacart, a self-serve advertising solution allowing CPG brands to access Instacart’s ad marketplace by taking advantage of CommerceIQ’s AI search functionality.

“You’ve Got This, Parents” is Instacart’s new ad campaign designed to position them as an easy and one-stop shopping service for parents in need of school supplies such as notebooks and pencils but who are short on time. Additionally, Instacart is offering new members free annual membership as well as tax-free shopping in Texas and New Jersey during official back-to-school sales periods.

Instacart has also expanded their delivery offerings to include non-grocery items. This move helps it compete against companies such as Amazon, Target and Walmart which also provide deliveries for an array of goods.