How to Integrate Technology into a Franchise Location

How to Integrate Technology into a Franchise Location

A franchise business is a unique opportunity to own a business that already has a proven track record of success. While purchasing a franchise involves an initial investment, it’s a less risky option for business ownership versus starting a business from scratch because the franchise opportunity discloses its sales track record, financials, and business model way before you make the purchase.

Running a franchise location is just like any other brick-and-mortar business. Leveraging the advantages of technology helps you manage your franchise as efficiently and productively as possible. Here are the top five ways to integrate technology into a franchise location.

POS System

A POS (point of sale) system is a combination of both software and hardware that enables you to process payments and transactions at your franchise location that typically involves a screen, tablet, or keyboard. Depending on the POS system that you choose, you can integrate other advanced business technology into your everyday processes including inventory management, customer information, and revenue forecasting. POS systems are highly customizable to your business needs so choose the features and functions that will help your business stay productive and efficient.

On-Site Security

It’s important to install security technology into your franchise location to keep your business safe and secure. Security technology includes cameras that have the ability to stream via the internet to your home computer or cell phone for 24/7 access, glass break sensors that go off if a window breaks in the event of a robbery or accident, and panic buttons that will alert the local police if there is a robbery or medical emergency. Keep your business, staff, and customers as safe as possible by installing security technology in your franchise location.

Digital Marketing

A big advantage of this modern era of business is taking advantage of digital marketing for your franchise location. Digital marketing is any marketing effort that can be done through the Internet. This includes social media, email marketing, content marketing through blog articles on your website, mobile marketing using text messaging to customers, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization to get your website ranked in internet search results to increase the chances of a potential customer finding you online without spending on advertising. Your franchise location can utilize these and much more to easily market your business online.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is historically less expensive than traditional forms of advertising such as TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio. You’ll also be able to target the exact customers you’re trying to reach because online advertising platforms can deliver your ads to people who meet specific criteria that you set including their age, education, and household income.

Remote Management

If you’re looking to step away from your franchise location, remote management is possible. Thanks to systems that run over the internet such as cloud-based software and security cameras that can link to your cell phone, it’s easier than ever to manage your location without having to be physically present. This is ideal for both the franchisee as well as the management team to always have eyes on the business location, especially during peak times and busy months of the year.

Technology opens the door to more possibilities for business growth than the landscape from a few decades ago. Franchise locations can take advantage of the benefits of integrating technology to help grow their business, keep their location safe, and manage their business from anywhere in the world.