What to Be Aware of When Switching IT Companies

Picking the right IT company holds immense benefits for any business. However, there may be reasons why a business owner may want to switch IT companies. But the last thing they want is to allow a switch in IT service providers that put their business operations at risk in any way. That is why they need to be aware of certain things before opting for a new service provider, including the following. 

Control of Your Data

Your current IT service provider probably has access to your business network. That means they can access sensitive information and even restrict you from accessing your business data. Therefore, before you consider switching to a new IT company, you need to ensure that you have complete control of your company data. The last thing you need is your former IT service provider trying to hold your company to ransom in any way. 

Acquire Your Network Map

You want your next IT service provider to have a clear view of how things are done in your business’s IT environment. That means you need to have every critical IT documentation in place, covering things like login accounts, usernames, passwords, etc. having all these well documented will help ensure that you have a smooth file transfer protocol server

Ensure You Have a Backup for Every Critical File

It is crucial to always have a backup system in place for all your business files, whether you’re switching to a new service provider or not. Doing this is one of the most effective ways of securing your company’s data. You also need to ensure that your backup source location is entirely different from the main one. You don’t want your outgoing IT service provider to be in any position to walk away with all your company files without you having any access. They can hold you to ransom, or you may even lose all your files. So, save yourself and your business the stress by creating backups for all your essential files.

Set Up a Transition Time

A transition phase makes it easier for your business to move from one IT company to another. Depending on which IT service provider you use, they may be willing to go through this phase. However, the outgoing service provider may not necessarily have the patience for this and may even charge you an additional fee. But as much as possible, always try to set up a transition time to avoid dealing with unexpected issues when your new service provider takes over. 

Start the Process Ahead of Time

You don’t want to wait for the last-minute rush through the transition process. The earlier you allow your new IT Company to start working, the less stressful the transition process becomes. That means ensuring that your backup options, network, printers, etc., are all working correctly by testing them ahead of time. This way, whenever you are ready to dissolve your old network, installing a new one will not lead to extended downtime.