Easy Ways for Your Medical Practice to Save Money

Increased operating costs across the industry are one of the main financial constraints on healthcare operators. Your medical practice needs to be running as efficiently as possible to allow you to reduce your operating costs without compromising on patient care.

Medical Chillers

The use of medical equipment chillers in three areas of your practice is an effective way of keeping costs down and prolonging your equipment’s life. Chillers can be used in the following ways:

  1. To keep machinery cool—MRI machines, CT scanners, X-Ray machines, and more generate substantial amounts of heat. Keeping this equipment cool is beneficial to both your practice and the patients to allow them to work at maximum efficiency, reduce overheads, and minimize or medical samples, for example, blood work at the correct temperature.
  2. To cool patients, the body’s down when undergoing certain procedures, for example, laser eye surgery.
  3. Effective and preferred storage of sensitive samples such as blood work.

Medical chillers are unique in their ability to handle an increased load surge while maintaining proper cooling for the duration of the load.

Online Patient Portal

Free your administration team’s time by switching to an online service, allowing them to manage their own appointments and queries. A decreased workload for existing can allow them to carry more important tasks while phone lines are freed up. 

Allowing patients to schedule their own appointment can improve customer relations and lead to an increase in scheduled follow-up appointments due to the efficiency and accessibility of your online portal. The initial cost and setup can be offset with more efficient use of existing staff without hiring additional employees.

Automated Billing

Medical mistakes and delays in billing due to mistakes or slow collection of patient receivables can cause financial problems in medical practices. Avoid this by integrating a practice management system that automates billing and reduces the need for manual input. Benefit from a faster invoicing system and fewer mistakes and corrections due to human error. Systems can also provide real-time verification of insurance coverage and eligibility.

Energy Efficient

There is no denying that medical practices consume a lot of energy during their working and even non-working hours. Reduce your financial outgoings by adapting to more economical and cost-efficient methods such as automatic lighting that switches off when a room is empty. Turn off any equipment that isn’t being used if possible, e.g., computers, non-essential appliances such as TVs in private rooms, or waiting areas.

Go Digital

Reduce the number of consumable products you need to buy, such as pens, paper, leaflets, and more, by switching to a more digital working way. Use portable tablets to collect patient details instead of filling in paper forms and swap out leaflets for sending emails to patients to inform them of medical treatment or options they need or are interested in.

Your medical practice can adapt to different small changes to allow for a more efficient way of working resulting in reduced overheads and improved patient experience during their visits to your practice.