Why Learning Algebra is Important

We learn mathematics for several reasons; today we’ll look at six reasons why Algebra is important.

Adults commonly respond to students learning mathematics by saying, “I haven’t used that since high school.” Students may get discouraged when they hear this response. The good news for students is that understanding mathematics and algebra enriches help us solve problems in our daily lives. Better still, with the advances in technology, anyone can take a college algebra class online to learn new math skills.

Why We Learn Algebra:

1. Algebra Outperforms “Basic” Math

Algebra also allows us to solve difficult problems like graphing curves that cannot be handled with basic arithmetic abilities alone. It also allows us to quickly multiply numbers rather than counting.

2. Statistics and Calculus Require Algebra

Learning one type of math (algebra) to learn and then apply that to additional mathmatics like statistics may not be an appealing notion. Yet many individuals use statistics and calculus in their employment. For example, companies use statistics to define success metrics, measure inventory, create projections, and model costs. Many industries use statistics including business, journalism, health, politics, and social sciences. Stats help us be better information consumers, employees, and citizens.

Calculus can express complicated processes like how an object’s speed increases over time. Calculus is used in research, medical treatment, and consumer product design. Anyone interested in science, medicine, computer modeling, or engineering should learn calculus.

3. Algebra as a Job Skill

Some students believe they would never need statistics or calculus, although many people change professions and careers numerous times during their working lives. Having a solid grasp of mathematics will ease career transitions. You never know when you’ll need to think back to a skill you learned in the past and apply it to a new job.

4. Algebra Can Be Used Outside the Classroom

Algebra can be used to make financial judgments and budget planning. For example, every year algebra can be used to help a family choose their health insurance plan by finding the break-even point for each choice. It can be used to pick out a cell phone plan or even order new furniture to fit a space in your home.

5) Algebra Improves Logic

Logical thinking can be gleaned through algebra. There are more direct and effective ways, but it is a wonderful bonus that the two subjects complement each other.

6. Algebra is a New Language

Aside from providing a fundamental vocabulary to express real-world phenomena such as gravity and rabbit population increase, algebra supplies us with a basic language to describe a variety of real-world phenomena. It is like learning a new language!

It’s also beautiful to start with a big problem and combine and simplify until each variable has one value. In the end, it’s a lot of fun.

Algebra is a vital life skill worth mastering. It prepares us for statistics and calculus. There are various occupations that a student can enter as a second career. Algebra is useful in everyday life and in evaluating news. It is also lovely and reinforces rationality.

Think about why we learn mathematics and how you may use it. Dispel the myth that it is a tedious set of rules to learn. Instead, see mathematics as a tool to learn about the world.