In-Car Entertainment: Cutting Edge Tech

The digital revolution has transformed our lives in so many ways, and in-car entertainment isn’t what it once was. We quickly went from the 8-track to the music cassette, then came the CD and the DVD, and today, Bluetooth technology has empowered in-car entertainment, with crystal clear audio and visual, for a complete experience.

DVD Players

Some people have digital screens set into the rear of the front headrests, giving the rear passenger an ‘aircraft’ experience. Others prefer to have a flat screen that drops down for the rear seat passengers, and with high resolution and great audio, you can have a complete listening and viewing experience while on the road.

Smart Solutions

Once the Internet of Things (IoT) is up and running, all vehicles will be on the grid, and this means you can stream entertainment from the Internet, allowing you to watch whatever you want. The IoT will have an extensive range of media and you simply select what you want and play. While travelling, you could easily make a video conference call, as you will have a broadband 5G connection and you are always online. The tech giants Apple & Google are working on in-car systems, so expect to see these platforms merging with the onboard vehicle system, and with autonomous vehicles already emerging onto the streets, we will soon be able to sit back and relax while the car drives itself.

Memory Sticks

These handy little devices allow you to carry your playlists and favourite movies, and for long journeys, passengers can enjoy the ultimate surround sound experience. All digital in-car entertainment devices have USB ports, which really gives you freedom of content, and if you would like to browse hi-end in-car entertainment equipment, check out, who have an extensive range of brand name products and accessories for the dedicated in-car entertainment enthusiast.

Major Brands

When looking at hi-end in-car entertainment, there are a few companies that stand out, such as:

  • Kenwood
  • Pioneer
  • Orion
  • Sony
  • Kicker

If you stick to the above manufacturers, you are assured of top quality, and with an online supplier, you have a one shop solution for all of your in-car entertainment needs. Here is a glimpse of how state of the art hi-tech is used in today’s luxury car, which makes for an interesting read.


These are the power boosters, and with state of the art 5-track amplifiers, you really can wake the neighbours. Of course, when thinking in-car entertainment, you should ask yourself what it is that you want from in-car audio, and if you want crystal clear music with zero distortion, the supplier would have a package that includes the DVD player, the amplifier and the speakers. If, on the other hand, you want bass that distorts the windscreen, this is also possible, with a 1000W amplifier and quality speakers. If you are concerned about the current Covid-19 pandemic, here are some government guidelines on social distancing.

Rather than driving around looking for an in-car entertainment centre, a simple Google search will bring you to the online supplier, where you can view an extensive catalogue of brand components and all the accessories you need to fit the system.