Ubi annotation app

Inking or annotation is becoming a very popular feature in many apps.There are already native inking features within Word, PowerPoint , Excel and the new Edge browsers. But what if your preferred app like Chrome, or Adobe reader does not support it ? Annotating and inking is a key narrative tool for presentations and classrooms. It lets you dynamically create content making your session more interactive.

Ubi Annotation app has all the right tools for you to do that. It is a powerful, feature rich, yet very intuitive tool that let you annotate on any app. Unlike most of the other apps, it works seamlessly well with the new Windows 8 and 10 apps, both in desktop and tablet mode.

Some of the features of Ubi Annotation app include:

  • You can ink, highlight and mark content on any app including your desktop. You can pick different colors and line sizes. You can erase them if you wish as well.
  • In the whiteboard mode, you get a whiteboard with various choices for background ( including graph paper), you can note down ideas, brain storms, draw diagrams etc. All the tools available for inking are available for whiteboard as well. If you are interested in sharing this whiteboard with people not in the room, do not forget to check out the Web Whiteboard App.
  • One of the cool features of Ubi app is that, you can turn annotation on and off without quitting the app. This will let you interact with your application or desktop without having to quit out of annotation.
  • All the annotations you make and whiteboards you create can be immediately saved as in image. The last session you have will automatically saved when you quit the app as well.

Ubi annotation app is available as part of the standard Ubi sensor application as well as Ubi stand alone apps.

To get the best value out of Ubi Annotation, you need to use it along with Ubi sensor. Ubi sensor turns any whiteboard or TV screen into a large interactive display. The Ubi Annotation app can be launched with one click when you are using ubi sensor. You can annotate and  write on your wall or TV screen or whiteboard without ever having to go back to the computer.